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The invention provides a method of fracturing, including the provision and use of a fracturing fluid suspension containing an effective amount of a solid particulate breaker material having delayed breaking or degradation characteristics, additionally including an amount of durable fibers and/or pla ...

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Viscoelastic surfactant based aqueous fluid systems useful as thickening agents in various applications, e.g. to suspend particles produced during the excavation of geologic formations. The surfactants are zwitterionic/amphoteric surfactants such as dihydroxyl alkyl glycinate, alkyl ampho acetate or ...

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The present invention provides a cementing composition for an oil well or the like with porosity of less than 50%, and with a solid phase constituted by 35% to 65% (by volume) hollow microspheres, 20% to 45% Class G Portland cement, and 5% to 25% of Class G Portland micro-cement. The invention is us ...

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A steerable rotary drilling system has a bottom hole assembly which includes, in addition to the drill bit, a modulated bias unit and a control unit, the bias unit comprising a number of hydraulic actuators around the periphery of the unit, each having a movable thrust member which is hydraulically ...

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A technique for stimulating production of fluids from a subterranean formation. The technique utilizes a tubular member disposed within a wellbore. The tubular member comprises transverse openings that facilitate a formation fracturing process. Subsequent to fracturing, a completion element may be d ...

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A system that is usable in a subsea well includes a tubular string that extends from a surface platform toward the sea floor. The string has an upper end and a lower remote end that is located closer to the sea floor than to the platform. At least one sensor of the system is located near the remote ...

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A technique for controlling fluid production in a deviated wellbore is disclosed. The technique utilizes a flow pipe the interior of which is in hydraulic communication with the earth's surface. A plurality of flow control valves are disposed at spaced apart positions along the length of the fl ...

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The effect of various chemical or biological agents in well treatment fluids can be delayed by sequestering the agents in the discontinuous phase of an emulsion for a period of time, before the emulsion is destabilized by exposure to at least one of: (1) a change in temperature, (2) a change in pH, ...

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Methods are provided for increasing the production of hydrocarbons from shaly formations that contain adsorbed condensed hydrocarbon gases by treating such formations with dewatering compositions comprising surfactants that cause the surfaces of the formation to be or to remain oil-wet. The methods ...

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A well completion has an expanded tubing portion and an unexpanded tubing portion. A seal is provided on the unexpanded portion. In another embodiment, an expandable tubing is provided and a gravel pack operation is performed.