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A recharge docking system for a battery-powered mobile robot which senses when the battery charge is below a predetermined level and halts the travel of the robot at its next navigational node, following which the robot independently plots and negotiates a path from the next node back to a base node ...

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A system for externally locating the depth and orientation of a catheter in tissue with an external probe which generates a virtual rotating magnetic field. The catheter includes an inductive coil for developing an induced signal in response to the virtual rotating magnetic field. An indicating devi ...

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A method for monitoring a region of a body surface includes recording at a first time a first multispectral digital image of the surface including the region, recording at a subsequent time a subsequent multispectral digital image of the surface including the region, and comparing the first and the ...

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An integral biomolecule preparation device which accomplishes all of the nucleic acid separation steps, including centrifugation, reagent addition, and pipeting, automatically without human intervention to fully automate the DNA separation procedure.

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A system for controlling access to, service transmission from, and use of an information transmission network which provides an end-user with at will access to the broadband/narrowband service networks deployed in the cable television industry, telephone industry, the multi-media information/service ...

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This invention features a sound reproduction system in which both signals of a stereo pair of signals are radiated with a directional radiation pattern having a first order gradient characteristic over the frequency range where interaural time difference cues dominate localization in the human audit ...

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An ultra wideband loop antenna having a planar antenna element defining an at least semi-elliptical perimeter having a major axis, a minor axis and a center. There is also an elongated, contiguous discontinuity in the antenna element that is symmetric about the antenna element minor axis, entirely l ...

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A multiple image camera for measuring the alignment of objects in different planes. The camera includes two coupled imaging devices configured to directly image objects in different planes without any intervening reflective optics between the imaging devices and the objects. The camera thus allows m ...

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A conforming heat sink assembly including a heat dispersive element is mounted in spaced relationship to a surface from which heat is to be conducted. A thermal interface is provided for coupling the heat dispersive element to the surface from which heat is to be conducted. The thermal interface inc ...

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A system for tracking a movable structure, comprising: at least one fiducial; and at least one video camera; wherein either the camera or the fiducial is mounted on the movable structure, so that the camera can capture an image of the fiducial as the structure moves. The image from the video camera ...