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A rigging structure for a compound archery bow includes first and second pulley assemblies, pivotally mounted on axles at tips of corresponding first and second limbs of a compound bow and interconnected by cables. Each pulley assembly includes a dynamic synchronizing component, and the rigging pref ...

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A platform of the type holding a plurality of normally-open electric switches in position for activation of a selected individual switch by application of a force in a direction normal to a surface of the switch by a portion of a human body. An exemplary platform according to the invention forms a d ...

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A solar-rechargeable light fixture. A preferred embodiment is adapted for attachment to the horizontal cross-bar of a yard-mounted real estate sign effective to illuminate both sides of the sign after dark. The light fixture includes a solar panel adapted to charge a battery which powers a plurality ...

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A quickly detachable, modular arrow quiver adapted for mounting to a bow, hip belt, tree stand, or other suitable structure. The quiver typically includes a hood to shield broadheads, and an arrow holder spaced from the hood by a rail. A preferred resilient mount is self-biased to interface along an ...

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A bearing support system for eccentric and idler pulleys used in archery compound bows. The support system allows use of bearings having reduced friction, including low cost ball bearing assemblies, and increases pulley stability by providing a wider bearing stance.

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A fixture structured to attach a scope to a rifle. The fixture includes a level-vial that is visible by a shooter who is substantially at a conventional horizontal shooting position. In such position, the bubble element of the level-vial is disposed below the scope, and at a location that is interse ...

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An archery compound bow having first and second opposed limbs. The bowstring rigging typically includes a power cam associated with the first limb, and a pair of idler wheels associated with the second limb. Drawing the bow by retracting the drawstring to rotate the power cam causes the idler wheels ...

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A vibration dampening device for use on compound archery bows. A device may be associated with one or more bow limb, with each device disposing a vibration damping bumper in position to shorten the vibrating length of the bow string at brace, compared to the vibrating length of a bow string of a com ...

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A step-in, releasable cross country binding mechanism allowing rotational and/or forward release of the binding toe piece and skier from the ski. A cleat, mounted to the bottom of a binding toe pieces is relesably retained by spring loaded structure located between a ski boot and ski. A step-in heel ...

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An apparatus, and method of use of such apparatus, for detecting particles of interest that are dispersed in a fluid mix, which typically includes other particles. The apparatus includes an interrogation platform arranged to operate in harmony with an opaque member having an orifice sized to promote ...