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A self-propelled robot is disclosed for movement over a surface to be treated. The robot has a power supply and a pair of wheels driven by motors for moving the robot over the surface. A mechanism is provided for controllably depositing a fluent material on to the surface. Navigation sensors provide ...

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Toughened nanocomposite materials are prepared based on a blend of one or more thermoplastic engineering resins, e.g., nylon, a functionalized, e.g. brominated, copolymer of a C.sub.4 -C.sub.7 isomonoolefin, e.g. isobutylene, and a para-alkylstyrene, e.g. para-methylstyrene, and further contain a un ...

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Stereospecific polypropylene macromers having a high percentage of vinyl terminal bonds and a method for preparing them are provided. The stereospecific polypropylene macromers have number average molecular weights (M.sub.n) of about 2,000 Daltons to about 50,000 Daltons, and the total number of vin ...

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Methods and devices for emitting volatile materials are disclosed. In some embodiments, methods and devices for emitting two or more fragrance compositions are disclosed. In one non-limiting embodiment of a device, the device has a housing, and the housing is supported on an electrical outlet by a p ...

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According to the present invention there is provided a wet wipe comprising a substrate that has tensile strength of at least 5 N/inch and which is biodegradable. In a further aspect, the present invention provides a flushable wet wipe comprising a substrate having a loading factor of at least 1.5 gr ...

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Disclosed are shampoo compositions that provide a superior combination of anti-dandruff efficacy and conditioning, and a method of cleansing and conditioning the hair comprising applying to the hair and scalp an effective amount of said compositions. The anti-dandruff and conditioning shampoos compr ...

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A dispensing device for dispensing scents into the environment is disclosed. In one embodiment, the dispensing device is used in conjunction with an article of manufacture which contains one or more scents or aromatic materials.

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Disclosed are topical compositions for the treatment of microbial infections on the skin or scalp which include a polyvalent metal salt of pyrithione and include a metal ion source. Also disclosed are methods for treating microbial infections of the skin or scalp using such compositions.