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A noncompetitive pacemaker connects to an organ which is to be electrically stimulated. A pair of programmable unijunction transistors are employed to detect the presence and absence of natural heartbeats so that the output of the pacemaker is modified each time a natural heartbeat is detected.

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A push-button-operated motor speed control circuit for use in a bidirectional speed control system for a film drive motor. The push buttons control the operation of switches for variably charging or discharging a storage capacitor which supplies a biasing potential to the gate of a field-effect tran ...

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A metering device having utility for automatically dispensing a selectable number of equal portions from a web in a vending apparatus such as a stamp machine utilizing a support wheel having a plurality of equally spaced bistable members near its perimeter, the bistable members having hubs or recipr ...

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Apparatus and method for bit by bit verification of digital data, serially recorded onto a magnetic medium wherein data verification occurs immediately upon recording. Data, traveling serially to a recording head, may be sampled in parallel-bit characters which in turn can be stored while that data ...

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A linear to linear motion apparatus utilizing an output member slidably mounted on a shaft with an input member of circular cross section journalled therein, an elongated rack running through the output member parallel to the shaft and geared to the input member, and a bidirectional spring clutch co ...