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Method for selecting a route within a wireless ad-hoc routing protocol using a QoS metric. The method begins by dynamically defining a routing zone that encompasses at least two of the network nodes. A communications link is established between the source node and a destination node. If the destinat ...

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A method and system for optimizing routing traffic to a destination when multiple routes are available. A performance monitoring and inference component measures the performance of the available paths to a large set of subnetworks, and uses those measurements to infer the performance of all availabl ...

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The lens embraces a bulk-shaped lens body identified by a top surface, a bottom surface and a contour surface, and a well-shaped concavity is implemented in the inside of the lens body, aligned from the bottom surface toward the top surface. The lens body has geometry such as bullet-shape or egg-sha ...

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A protocol-independent error-control system includes several components (840a, 830a, 820a, 150b, 820b, 830b, 840b) that assist in providing more reliable data transmission between endpoints (110, 120): 1) an ATM adaptation layer that supports quality-critical and time-critical data; 2) a rate conver ...

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A computer implemented method for OPC includes: storing an improper OPC pattern and a corrective treatment for the improper OPC pattern in a library storage medium; reading a layout pattern; and matching the layout pattern with the improper OPC pattern stored in the library storage medium.

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A scheme for providing environmental information to users is disclosed. In this scheme, environmental information is measured automatically by each of a plurality of environment sensors arranged at a plurality of regions, and the environmental information measured by each environment sensor is colle ...

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A switching power source which enables a continuous operation of an apparatus even under an overvoltage test such as a ring wave test. In a case where the sensed voltage (Vb) of the secondary winding (5b) through a diode (D6), the Zener diode (ZD3), and a resistor (R21) to the non-inverting input te ...