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The present invention provides a synthetic, poorly-crystalline apatitic (PCA) calcium phosphate material seeded with cells. Preferably, the cells are tissue-forming or tissue-degrading cells. The compositions provided by the present invention are useful for a variety of applications, including in vi ...

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The invention includes an expression vector engineered to produce double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) within a pest to be controlled. The dsRNA inhibits expression of at least one gene within the pest, wherein inhibition of the gene exerts a deleterious effect upon the pest. For example, inhibition of the g ...

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A light-emitting device comprising a population of quantum dots (QDs) embedded in a host matrix and a primary light source which causes the QDs to emit secondary light and a method of making such a device. The size distribution of the QDs is chosen to allow light of a particular color to be emitted ...

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Poly(β-amino esters) prepared from the conjugate addition of bis(secondary amines) or primary amines to a bis(acrylate ester) are described. Methods of preparing these polymers from commercially available starting materials are also provided. These tertiary amine-containing polymers are preferably b ...

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A structure of periodically varying density is provided, that acts as a phonon resonator for phonons capable of participating in phonon-electron interactions. Specifically, a phonon resonator that is resonant for phonons of appropriate momentum to participate in indirect radiative transitions and/or ...

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The present invention provides an improved system for linking nucleic acids to one another. In particular, the present invention provides techniques for producing DNA product molecules that may be easily and directly ligated to recipient molecules. The product molecules need not be cleaved with rest ...

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Methods and systems for rapidly and conveniently creating prescriptions through the use of portable digital assistants (PDAs) and bar code scanning technology are provided. Prescriptions are created using a form-based approach in which prescribing options are presented to the prescriber for selectio ...

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The present invention provides a system for analyzing polymer molecules by detecting their effects on an optical agent. Certain preferred embodiments of the invention involve the analysis of polynucleotide molecules through detection of their quenching effects on a fluorescent reporter.

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The invention relates, in part, to the improved analysis of carbohydrates. In particular, the invention relates to the analysis of carbohydrates, such as N-glycans and O-glycans found on proteins and saccharides attached to lipids. Improved methods, therefore, for the study of glycosylation patterns ...

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Novel compounds that are anti-angiogenic or immunosuppressive are described. Also described are methods for determining if an animal is at risk for a disease involving abnormal angiogenesis or an immune reaction resulting in pathology comprising evaluating an aspect of MetAP2 metabolism or structure ...