Moore George A: Apparatus for pressure cooking foods. Breidenthal Robert E, July 2, 1974: US3821925 (26 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for cooking moisture-containing foods. The apparatus is of the deep-fat pressure cooker type and includes a cover or closure means that is sealingly movable downwardly into the upper portion of an open topped cooking pot, whereby the pot is selectively closable by the closure means and in ...

June Ethel L: Survival apparatus. Breidenthal Robert E, October 14, 1975: US3911913 (22 worldwide citation)

Compactly storable survival equipment that includes a protection suit and an inflatable collision cocoon. The double-walled cocoon entrance which can be closed by a suited means within the same, and the cocoon can then be inflated to its expanded and protective condition by the introduction of press ...

Wilson Charles T, Wilson George P: Auxiliary automobile heater. Breidenthal Robert E, April 15, 1975: US3877639 (22 worldwide citation)

An automobile heating system that includes a gasoline fueled heater or burner that operates for a heating cycle of adjustably predetermined duration that is selectively initiated by a lock timer or by a remote radio control. The heater is in heat exchange with the engine liquid coolant system, and d ...

Campbell Floyd R: Motorcycle carrier attachment for wheeled vehicle. Breidenthal Robert E, November 25, 1975: US3921842 (21 worldwide citation)

A cycle carrier attachment for vehicles which includes an elongated platform adapted to support a cycle thereon between upstanding blocking structures at the opposite ends of the platform. The platform is pivotally mounted intermediate its ends on a base and the blocking structures are pivoted on th ...

Nunn Jr Harold D: Hydraulic power brake system incorporating auxiliary means for driving the pump thereof. Breidenthal Robert E, August 26, 1975: US3901342 (21 worldwide citation)

In an automobile having a hydraulically powered steering system and inclusive of an engine driven hydraulic pump, and vacuum boosted brake system controlled respectively by a steering wheel and a brake pedal, the provision of an electric motor connected to drive the hydraulic pump and a vacuum pump ...

Parker Reid T: Apparatus for package molding, roofing asphalt. Breidenthal Robert E, September 24, 1974: US3837778 (19 worldwide citation)

Roofing asphalt packaged in a film of polyester resin and the packaging method wherein hot asphalt is poured into a mold or boat that is lined by the polyester film at a charging station, such boat being floated on a stream of cooling water that carries the boat and its cooling contents to a dischar ...

Ausherman William S: Threshing cylinder and rasp bar thereof. Breidenthal Robert E, December 23, 1975: US3927679 (15 worldwide citation)

A threshing cylinder including a plurality of toothed rasp bars, each of which is of strictly integral construction that includes a portion rotationally forward of the teeth that is radially inwardly inclined, with the rotationally forward ends of each tooth being sharp and of substantial height.

Emmel Frank E: Newspaper vending machine. Breidenthal Robert E, September 16, 1975: US3905530 (9 worldwide citation)

A coin operated newspaper vending machine wherein a stack of newspapers are fed upwardly for dispensing the uppermost through an adjustably sized discharge opening. Means is provided to prohibit removal of more than one newspaper upon operation of the coin operated means.

Buxton Daniel W: Liquid fill assembly. Sutton George A, Breidenthal Robert E, November 26, 1974: US3850210 (8 worldwide citation)

A liquid fill assembly that includes an L-shaped fill pipe provided with a bifurcated and pivotally mounted cam means that includes rollers that rollingly and cammingly bear against a flanged operating member that is slidable and rotatable on the fill pipe.

Feldhausen Marion L: Bingo card with array modification means. Breidenthal Robert E, September 30, 1975: US3909001 (5 worldwide citation)

A bingo card provided with a slidable selector that is movable between first and second positions, the selector has transparent and opaque portions and in its first position exposes to view, through a set of spaced windows, the entirety of a sequence of stationary numerical indicia, while in its sec ...