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A communication system for simultaneously transmitting data and audio signals via a conventional audio communications channel using perceptual coding techniques is disclosed. In a preferred embodiment, a first artificial neural network (NN) at an encoder monitors an audio channel to detect "opportun ...

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To improve the serviceability, manufacturability and uptime for a computer file server a specially designed planar/riser card assembly is mounted on the computer chassis and includes a card cage structure in which a riser card is secured. Carried on the riser card are I/O card edge connector sockets ...

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An optical recording, erasing and playback system. One or more functions in a conventional optical disc system are performed by one or more holographic optical elements (HOE). Exemplary of the functions performed by the HOE are collimation, beam shaping, combining of beams, and focusing. According t ...






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System and method for implementing a reliable persistent random access compressed data stream is described. In one embodiment, the system comprises a computer-implemented journaled file system that includes a first file for storing a series of independently compressed blocks of a data stream; a seco ...

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System and method for offline management of software in VM images are described. In one embodiment, the method includes obtaining updation-related information from the software application and an operating system in which the software application runs while the software application is in an online m ...