Lessen Martin: Method and apparatus for elimination of airfoil trailing vortices. Drobile Esquire James A, Bramson Esquire Robert S, May 6, 1975: US3881669 (22 worldwide citation)

Herein are disclosed a method and apparatus for eliminating or substantially attenuating the dangerous vortices which typically trail the airfoils of heavier-than-air aircraft in flight. The disclosed method consists of injecting a fluid stream into the core of the vortex (a) in a direction such tha ...

Constantine Henry G: Workpiece orientation column. Avondale Shipyards, Bramson Esquire Robert S, Drobile Esquire James A, November 4, 1975: US3917249 (14 worldwide citation)

A vertical orientation column capable of orienting or positioning a large workpiece, such as a marine propeller, with respect to four or five axes and a process for machining large and complex workpieces. The column is so constructed as to allow quick installation and removal of the workpiece and to ...

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