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A CD-ROM, that is adapted for the protection of electronically transmitted data, comprising a CD-ROM, having a hub containing a battery power supply and a microprocessor, which receives signals from several laser light sensors, located on the read area of the CD-ROM. The computer communicates direct ...

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An improved reusable writing tablet, having raised document guides that define a document support surface, and a method for affixing and removing a cover sheet over the document support surface, where said document guides define a means to allow the insertion of tabs defined by a cover sheet, so tha ...

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This invention relates to a towable trailer, having an inner and outer frame, that function as levers, to lower the load bed horizontally to ground level. The levers are pivotally attached at the rear of the trailer. The trailer has a hinged tongue portion that when raised, allows cargo such as snow ...

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A compact disc box container assembly for holding a number of compact disc container boxes and for displaying, illuminating, and viewing the facial informational indicia of the disc boxes. The holder comprises a pair of opposing longitudinal sides defining a structure with angularly disposed channel ...

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A portable and hand held syringe filling device, having a frame that forms a curved channel, and one or more bulkheads fixed to the frame, that grip the barrel and flanges of a hypodermic syringe. A double acting air cylinder is fixed to one of the bulkheads, and is positioned within the frame chann ...

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A rod gripping device, having a support member with a locking pin hole and a rod receiving hole, where the bores of each hole are situated perpendicular to each other, but parallel to a given plane that bisects the support, and where the bores of the holes intersect to form a common area shared by b ...

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An improved laryngoscope blade, where the lingual side of the blade, being the side that is presented against a patient's tongue during examination, defines a concave area which defines a cavity which allows the patient's tongue to be cradled during the examination, and where the curved descending s ...

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A multi-point mobility device that is capable of navigating over rough terrain without difficulty, including snow, say and, and mud, and which is able to reconfigure the two belt track assemblies so as to minimize lateral friction by the belts with indoor floor surfaces or carpets.

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An improved tungsten insert gas welder, having a means to remove heat energy using pressurized air, and a method for removing the heat away from the welder head area. A source of pressurized air is delivered though a hose to the welder head, and is directed through heat conductive air tubes within t ...

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A floppy disk, having a microprocessor and battery power supply, a magnetic field sensor, and an on switch on the central hub. A plurality of magnetic fields are placed on the disk housing, in a circular pattern around the disk's axis of rotation, and are detected using a magnetic field sensor locat ...