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An electronic still store system stores and selectively outputs video image data defining a plurality of signal frame still images. The simultaneous display of up to 16 or more quarter sized images for scanning or sorting by an operator is facilitated by generating a quarter sized copy of each newly ...

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A YIQ computer graphics system includes a data processing system having a data tablet for receiving inputs from an artist and a video processing system connected to the data processing system. The video processing system includes a two component expandable frame store with the first component storin ...

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A video transformation and filtering system generates for each source image data point a plurality of target image addresses indicating a displacement between a point at which the source image data point maps into the target image and each data point of the target image which is affected by the sour ...

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A font recall system stores a font of alpha-numeric characters in a video display format for selective insertion as a caption into a video image. Characters are stored on a video disk in digital pixel form with full dynamic resolution. Low pass filtering is employed to preserve high image quality an ...

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There is disclosed herein an up/down counter with a programmable terminal count. The up/down counter has a two level input structure such that new terminal counts may be written into the up/down counter asynchronously without disturbing operations of the up/down counter. Although the invention is de ...

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A microprocessor controlled multiple servo system for use with a recording and reproducing apparatus is disclosed. The system controls all servo systems for a magnetic tape recording and reproducing apparatus, including a capstan servo, a reel servo, a scanning drum servo and an automatic scan track ...

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A device in which at least two separate electrical connections are made between a first member and a second member. The first member has at least two surfaces with at least one conductive element on each surface. These conductive elements are insulated from one another. The second member is mounted ...

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A vector analyzer incorporates a set of five types of markers for the display, which facilitate the visual analysis of the magnitude, phase and time relationships of the I and Q components of the modulation states displayed. The five markers are: an I marker, a Q marker, a magnitude marker, a phase ...

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An apparatus and method for generating waveform signals for the production of a variety of borders for video wipes by varied processing of the output of a ramp generator.

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An encoder verifier checks the functioning of a Reed-Solomon encoder in which data and parity bytes are intended to be digitally encoded in data blocks to form for each data block a respective codeword in multi-bit bytes in the form of a Galois field polynomial that is divisible in the Galois field ...