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A device is provided for preventing arcing between contacts of a switching device as the contacts of the switching device are opened. The device includes a coil suppression circuit connected in parallel with the coil. The coil suppression circuit dissipates the energy stored in the coil in response ...

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A system and method for generating and delivering to users combined personalized traffic and weather report and alerts including forecast traffic and weather conditions. A user defines a travel route of interest and alert conditions. Based on current weather information, weather forecast information ...

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A medicine dispensing system is provided that comprises of a medicine container with an inbuilt pill dispensing assembly which automatically dispenses a prescribed dose of medicine at prescribed times. It alerts the patient when a dose of medicine has been dispensed. The alert signal is a local audi ...

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A tool is provided for driving fasteners that includes a torque limiting mechanism therein. The torque limiting mechanism includes a first frictional engagement member disposed on the drive shaft for the tool that is engaged by one or more second frictional engagement members disposed on one or more ...

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Systems and methods for mounting accessories to a firearm are disclosed. The systems include a rail connector and quick release device for mounting on a firearm. The connector includes at least one mounting rail and a fastening member for securely fastening the connector directly to the firearm. The ...

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A fuel selection device is provided for allowing a user to connect the cylinders of an internal combustion engine to a user-selected fuel source. The fuel selection device includes a housing that defines a cavity for receiving a moveable selector therein. The selector defining first, second, third a ...

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A method and apparatus are provided that have the capability of rapidly scanning a large sample of arbitrary characteristics under force control feedback so has to obtain a high resolution image. The method includes generating relative scanning movement between a probe of the SPM and a sample to sca ...

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A clamping mechanism is provided for supporting a plurality of tools for use in a folder gluer machine. The clamping mechanism includes first and second clamps. Each clamp defines a corresponding clamping cavity for receiving a tool therein. Each clamp is movable between a release position wherein t ...

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A gas flow diverter for increasing the turbulence of an incoming respiratory gas flow through a respiratory gas sensor is provided. The diverter is positioned at a patient or inlet end of a tube section of the sensor in order to divert the respiratory gas flow from the patient generally equally acro ...

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An electrode array allows for rapid ablation of a strip of tissue in an organ providing a barrier to blood loss during resection operations.