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A method of monitoring hygiene compliance is provided. The method comprises the steps of receiving first location information which tracks movement and handwashing information, determining whether a person who has entered a patient contact zone has washed her hands since her most recent exposure to ...

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A point-of-care computer system includes a display positioned in a point-of-care location, a computer coupled to the display, and a network coupled to the computer to enable the computer to access information stored in a remote location.

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A patient detection system including a plurality of sensors located adjacent the support surface and each sensor having an output signal variable in response to the change detected by the sensor. A processor monitors the output signals and provide an indication of change of position of the body rela ...

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An apparatus is provided for detecting a position of a body on a support surface of a bed. The apparatus includes at least one first sensor coupled to the bed and at least one second sensor located adjacent the support surface. The at least one first sensor has an output signal which is variable in ...

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A system suitable for collecting a body fluid, in particular blood from a body region of a person to be examined which comprises a lancing device which is suitable for holding a lancet, a lancet magazine for storing two or several lancets which has a transport device for the lancets and has an openi ...

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A personnel and asset tracking system for locating and tracking objects throughout an awareness area comprises a communication network, a central server connected to said communication network maintaining an awareness area database, a plurality of receiver nodes, and a plurality of tags. Each tag is ...

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A lancing apparatus for producing a puncture wound, comprising a magazine holder for a lancet magazine with a plurality of lancets. The lancet drive comprises a drive spring, a tensioning device for tensioning the drive spring and a push rod, the push rod being adapted for coupling to a lancet locat ...

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A portable locator system for tracking movement of persons or objects within a facility and listing information relating to visits by persons or objects at different locations. The locator system includes portable wireless transmitters for transmitting identification codes and portable wireless tran ...

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Methods for accessing product information data and detecting pirated copies of a serialized software program include transmitting a data request query related to a selected product from a remote computer to a main computer, identifying a subset of product data related to the selected product stored ...

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A device is provided for fastening an excitation element (2) in a metal waveguide (3) of an antenna (1) and for electrically connecting the same to a coaxial line (4) arranged outside the waveguide (3), and which is cost effective and in which low power losses occur. The device comprises a basic mem ...