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A bandage apparatus for the treatment of burns, said bandage having various sizes and shapes for direct contact with any particular area of the human body so affected, the bandage being provided to promote rapid healing, and to reduce pain and the possibility of infection associated therewith, where ...

Armand J Pereyra: Surgical ligature carrier. Boniard I Brown, October 30, 1979: US04172458 (301 worldwide citation)

A ligature carrier for use in a suspensory-type operation known as the Revised Pereyra Procedure, which corrects prolapse of the bladder neck in women. The ligature carrier comprises an angulated needle with two aligned striated flat handles, one slidable in a brace with respect to the other to exte ...

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A machine powered by forces exerted by the machine user on machine driving members, such as pedals, which drive a rotary driven member through a unique variable ratio drive system. The machine may be constructed and arranged for use as either a vehicular conveyance for the machine, user or a station ...

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An accommodating intraocular lens to be implanted within the natural capsular bag of a human eye from which the natural lens matrix has been removed through an anterior capsule opening in the bag circumferentially surrounded by an anterior capsular remnant. During a postoperative healing period foll ...

J Stuart Cumming: Accommodating intraocular lens. Boniard I Brown, March 5, 1996: US05496366 (163 worldwide citation)

An accommodating intraocular lens to be implanted within the natural capsular bag of a human eye from which the natural lens matrix has been removed through an anterior capsulotomy in the bag circumferentially surrounded by a capsular remnant. During a postoperative healing period following surgery, ...

J Stuart Cumming: Intraocular lenses with fixated haptics. Boniard I Brown, April 18, 2000: US06051024 (122 worldwide citation)

Intraocular lenses for implanting within natural capsular bags of human eyes have features on distal end portions to prevent movement or sliding thereof relative to fibrosis pockets or tunnels defined about proximally adjacent haptic portions to fixate haptics against dislocation.

Robert M Hughes: Coin-operated recording machine. Boniard I Brown, November 9, 1976: US03990710 (109 worldwide citation)

Recording apparatus for "dubbing" (recording from one to the other) onto a customer's magnetic tape cartridge, selected audio and/or video recordings stored in the apparatus. The apparatus includes means for activating the apparatus, means for selecting the desired recordings, means for identifying ...

Mark C Carter: Boniard I Brown, August 26, 1986: US04607656 (108 worldwide citation)

A quick-erect collapsible shelter having four or more telescoping legs, connected by a framework which includes pluralities of X-shaped linkages and a slider on each leg to provide interconnecting truss between the legs and support for a covering canopy.

Jan B Mink: Apparatus and method for holding jewelry. Boniard I Brown, August 30, 1983: US04401219 (108 worldwide citation)

A jewelry storage container includes a generally planer flexible web shaped member on which is mounted a plurality of compartments. Each compartment is formed of at least one additional web shaped member. At least one side of each of the compartments is selectively closed by means of a band shaped m ...

J Stuart Cumming: Ophthalmic kit and method for lens insertion. Boniard I Brown, November 26, 1996: US05578042 (107 worldwide citation)

An ophthalmic kit contains a foldable intraocular lens and a disposable lens insertion device in a sterile condition with the lens positioned in its normal unfolded configuration between open jaws of the insertion device until needed for lens implantation. When needed for lens implantation, the jaws ...