Valerie Jensen: Multi-directional and side glider chair. Bold IP PLLC, February 23, 2016: US09265349 (1 worldwide citation)

A multi-directional glider chair allowing for rotation of a seat in relation to a path of gliding action. In some embodiments, the multi-directional glider comprises a glider base including a glider mechanism supporting a gliding top, the glider mechanism providing for generally linear motion of the ...

Yury Sherman, Michael Sherman, Ilya Alexandrov: Apparatus for mixing and disruption of cell and tissue samples in vessels. Bold IP PLLC, Daniel Cole, Maki Imakura, July 4, 2017: US09695392 (1 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for substantially horizontally oscillating one or more vessels containing a liquid, a solid, or a mixture thereof that operates to thoroughly disrupt and mix solid and liquid substances in vessels, like test tubes. The apparatus provides superior mixing through oscillation of the vessel ...

Steve Randall: Lever adapter for use with jack and lifting devices. Bold IP PLLC, Christopher Mayle, Houda El Jarrah, April 10, 2018: US09938125 (1 worldwide citation)

Embodiments in the present description are provided for a lever adapter device for use in lifting a vehicle or other heavy objects. The lever adapter device includes stabilizing feet and one or more support legs. Each one of the stabilizing feet is attached to an end of each support leg. The lever a ...

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A process and a system that create and encrypt rich formatted passwords that increase password strength and security in some embodiments are disclosed. The process increases password security by converting a set of password tokens and a set of password appearance alterations into a rich formatted pa ...

Kenneth Raymond Jacobson: Reflective fly repellent ball device of bead facets and multiple water molecules that repel flies. Bold IP PLLC, John Houvener, Maki Imakura, January 10, 2017: US09538742

Fly Balls repel files because flies are frightened and confused by the multiple thousands of reflective images they see whenever they are in a Fly Balls' no flies zone. A combination of a flies 4,000 eyes; faceted bead(s) reflections; and multiple water molecule reflections create a visual reflectiv ...

John Fredrick Desautels, Joel Douglas Skillingstead: Enhanced deck assembly facilitation methods and systems. Christopher Mayle, John Houvener, Bold IP PLLC, May 29, 2018: US09982426

Structures and protocols are presented for providing enhanced assembly tolerances (for thermal or manufacturing variations, e.g.) in constructing gazebos or other standalone decking systems, decks adjoining a house or other primary structure, or other such structures for walkways or human occupancy.

John Fredrick Desautels, Joel Douglas Skillingstead: System and method for fascia hinge connections. Bold IP PLLC, Christopher Mayle, John Hauvener, April 3, 2018: US09932733

A decking system and method comprising a set of components that may be used for constructing and repairing structures, particularly the connection between fascia boards. The components may be shaped such that they fit together to form a connection between fascia boards at any angle while providing p ...


John Fredrick Desautels, Katherine Ann Burks: Adhesivelessly customizable containment of a delicate electrical apparatus such as earbuds. Bold IP PLLC, Hyungsoo Ahn, April 18, 2017: US09628891

Structures and protocols are presented for supporting a delicate apparatus including an electrical conduit, such as earbuds, in a manner that is readily customized to a particular end user or supplier with or without adhesive.

Andy McHale: Tone effects system with reversible effects cartridges. Bold IP PLLC, Wooshik Shim, Houda El Jarrah, October 16, 2018: US10102838

Embodiments are provided for a tone effects base unit, system, and method of using the tone effects base unit. A tone effects base unit includes an integrated housing and one or more slots integrated into the housing. The one or more slots are configured to receive reversible sound effects cartridge ...