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An ink supply system for an ink printer. The system includes an ink cartridge which supplies ink through a conduit to the print head of the printer. A bubble trapping device is disposed along the conduit and includes a porous member which prevents air bubbles from entering the nozzle of the print he ...

Benjamin J Cimock: Flashlight wand. I & K Trading Company, Blum Kaplan, October 30, 1990: US04967321 (90 worldwide citation)

A lighted wand includes a handle housing and contains an elongated transparent enclosure. Within the transparent enclosure are light reflecting objects. Light beams are transmitted through the transparent enclosure and deflect off the reflecting objects.

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An apparatus and method for previewing a subject on a computer screen. Prior to such preview, a plurality of new hairstyles is stored in a disk associated with the computer. The subject's face is outlined and the subject's hair is removed and replaced with one of the new hairstyles stored in the com ...

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A machine readable binary code which is dynamically variable in size, format and density of information is provided. The binary code is formed as a matrix having a perimeter and data contained therein. The perimeter is provided with density indicia for indicating the density of data contained within ...

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A toy ball of increased play value is provided and includes a sphere. A light source is disposed within the sphere. A switch disposed within the sphere activates the light source when the ball is impacted such as when it is bounced.

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A portable tray table having an upper surface for supporting food, a lower surface and a peripheral edge. A skirt is coupled to the peripheral edge of the panel and extends downwardly therefrom. The panel includes an opening therein wit a cup holder supported on the panel about the opening which ext ...

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A multi-layer display device including at least two liquid crystal display cells overlapping along a line of sight is provided. Adjacent display cell layers may share a common transparent plate therebetween. Patterns are displayed by selectively applying a voltage between opposed pattern and common ...

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A projection-type color display device. The display device includes a light source which provides light and a color separation member which receives the light and which separates the received light into the different colors of red, blue and green light. A light valve device receives the red, blue an ...

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The present invention relates to a composite fiber consisting of two components, for example, such as a polyamide and a polyester, and to a multi-segment fiber wherein the two components thereof can be separated into a plurality of microfibers by chemical and physical treatments. Particularly, the i ...

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An ink jet printer includes pumped-forced circulation of ink through the printer head and a nozzle cap which together eliminate gas from the ink supply and overcome ink stagnation which adversely affect printing quality. Ink from a tank circulates through the printer head and returns to the tank whi ...