Robert E Weston, Robert R Hunter III: Transdermal infusion device. Complex, Blodgett & Blodgett, August 12, 1986: US04605399 (562 worldwide citation)

Device for introducing drugs and the like into the human body by infusion through the skin, consisting of a fluid delivery tube leading to a storage and distribution chamber means that is attached to a porous sheet which is in contact with the skin.

Paul Varney Sr: Electric heating apparatus for de-icing pipes. Blodgett & Blodgett, December 27, 1983: US04423311 (250 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for heating liquid in a pipe to prevent freezing of the liquid and for de-icing of frozen pipes includes an elongated housing constructed of plastic material and having a central bore and fittings for detachably coupling each end of the housing to the open end of a liquid pipe so that t ...

William M Drohan: Flashlight holder. Blodgett & Blodgett, April 7, 1992: US05103384 (158 worldwide citation)

Holder for flashlight having an arcuate seat joined to a clamp by a flexible metal cable.

Richard H Jundanian: Vital signs monitor. Norman S Blodgett, Gerry A Blodgett, Blodgett & Blodgett, September 7, 1982: US04347851 (154 worldwide citation)

A vital signs monitor which includes a sensor which is applied to the main artery of a patient for detecting the heart beat and blood pressure and producing electrical pulses in waveform. A computer is connected to the sensor for receiving the waveform pulses, converting the waveform pulses into dig ...

David P Jablon: Cryptographic methods for remote authentication. Integrity Sciences, Blodgett & Blodgett P C, May 1, 2001: US06226383 (128 worldwide citation)

Methods are described for two parties to use a small shared secret (S) to mutually authenticate one another other over an insecure network. The methods are secure against off-line dictionary attack and incorporate an otherwise unauthenticated public key distribution system. One embodiment uses two c ...

David M Anderson: Preparation of a polymeric hydrogel containing micropores and macropores for use as a cell culture substrate. Blodgett & Blodgett, September 14, 1993: US05244799 (90 worldwide citation)

A hydrophilic substituent of a bicontinuous cubic phase in equilibrium is polymerized and the unpolyermized components subsequently removed and replaced with water, creating a hydrogel which is locally highly cross-linked but of high water content because of the presence of a periodic network of wat ...

Bronislaw Sokolowski: Drinking cover. Blodgett & Blodgett, April 10, 1984: US04441624 (87 worldwide citation)

Drinking cover for a beverage container comprising a circular top wall and annular side wall with sealing means on the bottom periphery of the side wall for securing the cover to the upper rim of a beverage container. The top wall is tapered downwardly from front to back and contains an opening. A s ...

Stuart F Eckmann: Interactive educational system with voice reaction and access using tone-generating telephone. Blodgett & Blodgett, September 3, 1985: US04539435 (77 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to an automated educational system in which a remote student or subject can be interrogated by a central automated interrogation system, can respond using machine-distinguishable signals generated by a Touch-Tone-type telephone, and in which an appropriate reaction to the answ ...

David M Anderson: Microporous materials. Blodgett & Blodgett, August 24, 1993: US05238613 (63 worldwide citation)

A new type of polymeric microporous membrane has been synthesized which is distinguished by a highly-branched porespace morphology that is continuous and triply-periodic, and thus very precisely controlled and easily characterized. The membrane consists of a polymeric matrix containing pores of diam ...

Margaret Reardon: Cake mold. Blodgett & Blodgett, July 26, 1983: US04395015 (62 worldwide citation)

Mold for cakes having an annular side wall and a plurality of concentric inner annular dividing walls with heights which are approximately half the height of the side wall, which are tapered upwardly, and which are coated with polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon).