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Spontaneously cross-linked alkali metal acrylate polymers having a high water-absorbing property and which are safe for contact with the human skin are prepared by a water-in-oil suspension polymerization process, using a sorbitan fatty acid ester having an HLB value of 3 to 6 as a dispersing agent.

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An electrophotographic element comprising a conductive substrate and a mono-layer type or multi-layer type photosensitive layer, superposed thereon, containing a photoconductive material in which said photoconductive material is a hydrazone compound having the following general formula (I) or an ani ...

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A fluid control for powering and supplying coolant liquid to gas operated surgical and dental tools and for supplying irrigant to a suction-irrigation handpiece, selectively by remove control from a surgical or dental operating site. A console remote from the operating site has a pressurized gas sou ...

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A water treating agent which comprises a specific polymer containing a structural unit that is derived from a monomer having an ethylenically unsaturated bond and has one or more carboxyl radicals, at least a part of said carboxyl radicals being modified, or another water treating agent which compri ...

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A surgical instrument formed by a handpiece assembly and a removable tool assembly. The handpiece assembly includes a housing having integrally interconnected grip and nose portions which are of tubular construction and are positionally related so that the longitudinal direction of the nose portion ...

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Wrist joint prosthesis. As a replacement for the joint in a human wrist, there is provided a prosthesis permitting both vertical motion, sidewise motion and rotary motion but preventing twisting motion around an axis projecting from and parallel with the lower forearm. For this purpose, there is pro ...

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A portable, prefabricated panel adapted to be connected with a plurality of similar panels to form a wall or partition structure. The panel is electrically prewired and includes electrical power blocks disposed adjacent the opposite lower corners of the panel, which power blocks are connected by ele ...

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An end position control robot constituted by a compound robot comprising a weight control apparatus a weight control robot having a link arm robot and a position control apparatus of a position control robot, both the apparatus being mechanically associated. The weight control apparatus is construct ...

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The present invention provides a layered electrophotographic element which comprises an electroconductive support on which there is a charge generating layer and a charge transfer layer in order, said charge generating layer being consisted essentially of a charge generating agent expressed by the g ...

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A work table having side supports in which are laid electrical wires or other types of lines to provide convenient access for apparatus used in conjunction with the work table. The side supports have at their upper area channels which extend parallel to the work surface. The channels have openings t ...