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The present invention is a system and method for monitoring conditions of a vehicle and generating a maintenance plan according to the monitored conditions. The system includes one or more sensors and a data acquisition unit located within the vehicle. The one or more sensors generate signals of a c ...

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A system and method for reviewing inputted voice instructions in a vehicle-based telematics control unit. The system includes a microphone, a speech recognition processor, and an output device. The microphone receives voice instructions from a user. Coupled to the microphone is the speech recognitio ...

David M Allen: Convertible flashlight-headlamp. Black Lowe & Graham PLLC, October 11, 2005: US06953260 (47 worldwide citation)

The instant invention provides a convertible lighting device featuring a battery housing and a detachable lamp assembly. The lighting device can be operated in flashlight and headlamp modes.

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A method for forming composite materials is presented, including providing a composite charge wider than a first surface of a mandrel, and positioning the composite charge across the first surface of the mandrel. The portion of the composite charge overhanging the first surface of the mandrel is sup ...

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A system and method for performing videophone operations over a television. The system includes a television system, a transceiver and a personal computer that is coupled to a communications network and the transceiver. The television system includes a camera, a microphone, a wireless receiver for w ...

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An electrode for contacting an electrically conductive surface of a photovoltaic element includes an electrically insulating optically transparent film, an adhesive layer provided on a planar surface of the film, and a plurality of substantially parallel, electrically conductive wires embedded into ...

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A project management display method and system in which a user logs on to a server from a client computer over a network to display a graphical interface associated with a project. The graphical interface allows the user to view, edit and navigate project data. The graphical interface includes a gra ...

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A virtual racecourse is mapped by uniting digital pictures with GPS and inclinometer data, stored in a recorded course file, presented in distance increments of the racecourse, and accessed for individual and group competition over the internet.

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A method and system is provided for performing automated air refueling of uninhabited airborne vehicles (UAVs). The method and system includes any combination of a positioning system component, an air collision avoidance system (ACAS) component, a voice processing component, an image processing comp ...

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This invention describes a means for acquiring GPS P/Y code under jamming conditions. It improves jam resistance by augmenting a component of the GPS signal with one from a different satellite system, such as a low earth orbiting (LEO) satellite. The preferred embodiment of this invention employs th ...