Inaoka Seiji: Non-aqueous microelectronic cleaning compositions containing fructose. Mallinckrodt Baker, bianxin qin wuxiao nan, June 20, 2007: CN200580023742

Back end photoresist strippers and residue compositions are provided by non-aqueous compositions that are essentially non-corrosive toward copper as well as aluminum and that comprise a polar organic solvent, a hydroxylated amine, and as a corrosion inhibitor fructose.

Fukuyama Toshiaki, Wada Kenji: Method for purification of silicon and silicon purified by said method. Sharp, bianxin qin wuxiao nan, June 20, 2007: CN200580023743

This invention provides a method for purification of silicon that can purify silicon efficiently without sacrificing the purification rate and can provide silicon for solar cells at a low cost. The method for purification of silicon is a method for purifying molten silicon (8) containing impurity el ...

Chao Hannguang J, Tuerdi Huji, Herpin Timothy, Roberge Jacques Yves, Liu Yalei, Lawrence R Michael, Rehfuss Robert P, Clark Charles G, Qiao Jennifer X, Gungor Timur, Lam Patrick Y S, Wang Tammy C, Ruel Rejean, L Heureux Alexandre L, Thibeault Carl, Bouthillier Gilles, Schnur Dora M: Urea antagonists of p2y1 receptor useful in the treatment of thrombotic conditions. Bristol Myers Squibb Pharma Co, bianxin qin wuxiao nan, June 20, 2007: CN200580023620

The present invention provides novel pyridyl or phenyl ureas and analogues thereof, which are selective inhibitors of the human P2Y1 receptor. The invention also provides for various pharmaceutical compositions of the same and methods for treating diseases responsive to modulation of P2Y1 receptor a ...

Lindmark Bertil, Thoren Anders Ingemar: Combinations of inhibin with bronchodilators. Astrazeneca, bianxin qin wuxiao nan, June 20, 2007: CN200580023801

The invention provides medicaments comprising combinations of bronchodilators, glucocorticosteroids and HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors in the treatment of respiratory disorders such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Naidu B Narasimhulu: Hiv integrase inhibitors: cyclic pyrimidinone compounds. Squibb Bristol Myers Co, bianxin qin wuxiao nan, June 20, 2007: CN200580023641

The invention encompasses a series of pyrimidinone compounds which inhibit HIV integrase and thereby prevent viral integration into human DNA. This action makes the compounds useful for treating HIV infection and AIDS. The invention also encompasses intermediates useful for making the pyrimidone com ...

Mattner Frank, Schmidt Walter: Combination therapy for preventing or treating alzheimers disease, and kit therefor. Affiris Forschungs Und Entwick, bianxin qin wuxiao nan, August 22, 2007: CN200580023830

The invention relates to a method for preventing or treating Alzheimer's disease (AE). According to said method, a means for inducing a sequestration of amyloid ss (Ass) into a plasma is administered to a person, and the person is treated by means of an apheresis device comprising a fixed carrier th ...

Wang Shudong, Wood Gavin, Duncan Kenneth, Meades Christopher, Gibson Darron, Mclachlan Janice, Fischer Peter: 2-substituted-4-heteroaryl-pyrimidines useful for the treatment of proliferative disorders. Cyclacel, bianxin qin wuxiao nan, June 27, 2007: CN200580024139

The present invention relates to selected substituted pyrimidines their preparation, pharmaceutical compositions containing them and their use as inhibitors of one or more protein kinases, and hence their use in the treatment of proliferative disorders, viral disorders and/or other disorders.

Andrianov Christina Ligia, Mistry Kishor Kumar, Preston Janine Andrea, Baxter Mark Christopher, Elder Stewart Toodd: Polymeric particles. Ciba Sc Holding, bianxin qin wuxiao nan, June 27, 2007: CN200580024497

Polymeric particles comprising a polymeric matrix that has been formed from a blend of monomers comprising a first monomer which is an ethylenically unsaturated ionic monomer and a second monomer which is an ethylenically unsaturated hydrophobic monomer which is capable of forming a homopolymer of g ...

Fukui Keita, Nakamura Jun, Akiyama Kayo, Kojima Hiroyuki: Succinic acid - producing bacterium and process for producing succinic acid. Mitsubishi Chem, bianxin qin wuxiao nan, June 27, 2007: CN200580024789

Succinic acid is produced by the use of coryneform bacteria having the capability of producing succinic acid and engineered so as to lower the pyruvate oxidase activity thereof.

Nakajima Toshihiro, Amano Tetsuya, Yagishita Naoko: S1-5-containing protein preparation. Locomogene, bianxin qin wuxiao nan, October 10, 2007: CN200580029650

It is found out that age-related diseases or symptoms are induced in a knockout mouse lacking the function of S1-5 gene. It is also clarified by histological analysis that the bone mineral content, the bone density and the bone strength are lowered in this knockout mouse while the osteoclast count i ...