Charles Sperry
Charles R Sperry, Vincent A Piucci Jr, Todd A Hanna: Dispensing system, components of a dispensing system, and method of manufacturing, operating and servicing a dispensing system and components thereof. Carpenter Co, Smith Gambrell & Russell Beveridge DeGrandi Weilacher & Young, October 12, 1999: US05964378 (23 worldwide citation)

Mixing chamber assembly having a reciprocating rod within a mixing chamber of a mixing chamber member. The rod is in a non-interference position with the mixing chamber over its entire length within the mixing chamber. The non-interference fit provides continuous solvent flow about the exterior of t ...

Keiji Saneyoshi, Keiji Hanawa: System for monitoring condition outside vehicle using imaged picture by a plurality of television cameras. Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha, Beveridge DeGrandi Weilacher & Young, April 25, 1995: US05410346 (376 worldwide citation)

A distance between a running vehicle and an object is determined over an imaged picture with high reliability. Three-dimensional objects or a road shape along with accurate position or dimension are also detected. An object within a set region outside a vehicle is imaged by a stereoscopic optical sy ...

Hideaki Tsuchiya, Keiji Hanawa, Keiji Saneyoshi: Running guide apparatus for vehicle capable of keeping safety at passing through narrow path and the method thereof. Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha, Beveridge DeGrandi Weilacher & Young, June 25, 1996: US05530420 (376 worldwide citation)

A running guide apparatus for a vehicle includes stereoscopic picture processing element for processing a pair of stereoscopic pictures of an object outside a vehicle imaged by a imaging system mounted on the vehicle, construction detection element for detecting a plurality of various constructions ...

Masahiro Kinoshita, Atsushi Ikeda: Drive assist system for vehicle. Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha, Beveridge DeGrandi Weilacher & Young, December 15, 1998: US05850176 (330 worldwide citation)

In a vehicular drive assist system for warning a driver to pay attention to a preceding vehicle running ahead when a vehicle comes close to the preceding vehicle and the distance between these two vehicles becomes smaller than a safe inter-vehicle distance, this safe inter-vehicle distance is automa ...

Keiji Saneyoshi: Distance detection system for vehicles. Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha, Beveridge DeGrandi Weilacher & Young, April 26, 1994: US05307136 (310 worldwide citation)

An automobile distance detection system includes an image camera system which photographs an object which exists in a required range external to an automobile, from a plurality of different directions and obtains a plurality of pictures, and a picture processing unit which processes the plural numbe ...

Elliot Kornberg, William R Tarello: PEB Biopsy Corporation, Beveridge DeGrandi Weilacher & Young, October 11, 1994: US05353804 (257 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for removing suspect breast tissue which includes a penetrating member in the form of a stylet with a tapered front end that can be guided along a localization guide wire. The apparatus also including a first cutting device in the form of a cannula slidingly engaged with the stylet. A d ...

Katsuyuki Kise: Distance detection method and system using a stereoscopical imaging apparatus. Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha, Beveridge DeGrandi Weilacher & Young, July 9, 1996: US05535144 (208 worldwide citation)

A distance detecting system for detecting a distance to an object from a moving body such an automobile by means of imaging pictures by an imaging apparatus and processing pictures into distance distribution information, the imaging apparatus having a capability of always providing proper image pict ...

Richard A Seagrave Jr: Surgical method and apparatus. Beveridge DeGrandi Weilacher & Young, August 10, 1993: US05234435 (206 worldwide citation)

Arthroscopic knee surgery is performed without a thigh incision by cutting a plug-receiving bore in the tibia, cutting a bore through the femur with a cannulated drill bit which is inserted through the tibial bore at an acute angle, and passing a wire in a proximal direction through the cannulated b ...

Antony Fleetwood: Connecting apparatus for medical conduits. Bespak, Beveridge DeGrandi Weilacher & Young, May 28, 1996: US05520665 (196 worldwide citation)

A connecting apparatus for medical conduits including a valve body defining a first duct and having a connector for coupling to a first conduit. A valve is incorporated within the first duct and is a ball and spring type valve normally biased in closed position. An adaptor is releasably connectable ...


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