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A power converter which transfers energy from an output circuit coupled to a secondary winding of a power transformer to an input circuit coupled to a primary winding of the power transformer in order to reduce the power loss and electromagnetic interference (EMI) originating from a primary switch. ...

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A graphics processing system in which sub-pixel correction is implemented in a new and more economical way. A half-pixel offset is originally imposed on both the X and Y axes, so the sub-pixel correction value may be positive or negative. A relatively coarse resolution is used for subpixel correctio ...

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A rendering system with multi-pixel span processing capability. When 3D graphics processes are not required, 2D data is processed in multi-pixel span fragments. Span fragments permit parallel processing of multiple pixels in a serial architecture, and permit VRAM block fills for accelerated processi ...

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A portable computer system which includes a modified C-7 power cord socket, which can receive either an AC power cord with a standard C-7 connector or a DC power cord with a modified C-7 connector. (However, the modified C-7 connector cannot be inserted into a standard C-7 socket.) Microswitches in ...

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A new class of electronic systems, wherein microelectronic semiconductor integrated circuit devices are integrated on a common substrate with molecular electronic devices.

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A 3D graphics system in which a pre-rendering stage is combined with a rendering stage. Any GUI window which is not completely displayed on-screen (because it extends past screen boundaries or is overlapped by other windows, etc.), is divided into at least two portions, e.g. rectangles, for scissori ...

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A universal battery pack which includes an integral power converter and a dynamically adjustable output voltage. The default output voltage is set by an optional resistor connection, which shifts the voltage-dividing ratio into the error amplifier. In a multiple-battery configuration, the output vol ...

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The preferred embodiment discloses a pipelined graphics processor in which the sequence can be dynamically reconfigured (e.g. between primitives) in a rendering sequence. The pipeline sequence can be configured for compliance with specifications such as OpenGL, but may also be optimized by reconfigu ...

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A computer system having a pixel processing unit with multiple subprocessors receives positional data defining graphical objects from the CPU and writes pixel data into the image memory, and a display driver produces an image which partially includes the rendered pixels. The pixel processor is used ...

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The present invention relates to a memory device and specifically the multilevel type with error check and correction function and having a data input (DI), a data output (DO) and an address input (A1) and being of the type comprising first memory, circuit (DM) designed to be accessed by means of ad ...