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In information retrieval system includes a help feature, wherein a help key on a terminal can be actuated and a host computer responds by determining the identity of a page of basic information being transmitted at the time the help key is operated, determining the location of a page of subsidiary i ...

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A membrane keyboard producing audible and tactile responses when individual character keys are depressed. To facilitate typing efficiency, the keyboard has membrane characters keys with different transverse heights and adjustable sensory responses.

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Apparatus for downloading videotex information via a host computer includes a group of local terminals installed at a variety of locations. The terminals receive and store macro programs from the host computer. The local terminal then activates the macro programs via a set of function input devices, ...

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A computerized mortgage implementing system includes a central service computer, which helps establish and maintain mortgage plans based upon mortgages at least partially collateralized by investment vehicles. Both a plurality of groups of investment vehicle information and mortgage information are ...

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A system is provided for tracking in real-time the location of a group of individuals within a defined environment, for providing information to an individual user about the location of any other individuals of the group and for gaining assistance to locate and reunite lost individuals. The system u ...

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An improved golf club head incorporating a lattice structure covered by a thin-walled body. The aerodynamically shaped golf club head has a lattice structure formed by an outer ring, curved longitudinal frame elements, and curved latitudinal frame elements. A generally flat shaped ball striking face ...

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The pari-mutuel gaming system includes an account mechanism for establishing a player's account and a common player pool account. A dynamic paytable which is changeable for each individual play of the game advises the player of the exact amount of currency for all possible winning outcomes of the pl ...

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The compiling system and method of the present invention enables the recording of individually customized information onto blank storage media devices, and includes a data base memory device for storing information signals indicative of customized recipient information pertaining to a group of recip ...

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The information retrieval method and apparatus includes a group of geographically widely-distributed terminals, which accept a remotely located host computer. Each terminal includes a memory for storing a plurality of items of call origination information. A call original circuit transmits individua ...

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The system includes a group of computers for facilitating the implementation and administration of a desired group insurance plan, having conversion rights for individuals. The system includes information gathering devices for receiving and storing employer and employee base information, and devices ...