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A synthetic intervertebral disc prosthesis, molded in the same shape and general dimensions as a natural disc which it replaces after removal of a damaged natural disc, is molded of a biologically acceptable, non-porous, preferably rubber or silicone-rubber compound in two halves, each half having a ...

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An amusement device and method of operation are disclosed wherein a plurality of payout schedules which govern the conduct of the game are retained in a memory. The actual payout rate of the apparatus is constantly determined and the actual payout is compared with predetermined limits. If the actual ...

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An apparatus for dispensing pills wherein a rotating annular element includes a number of compartments for receiving pills. When a compartment is above an opening in the base, the pills fall into a chute and are dispensed. A pin is associated with each compartment and is placed in an activated posit ...

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An oral form of medicament releases active substance in the gastrointestinal tract at a constant rate.

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The invention relates to sustained pulsewise release pharmaceutical preparation which comprices drug-containing polymeric material layers (layers A) and polymeric material layers containing the drug in question only in a slight amount or free of the drug (layers B) disposed alternatingly, with the w ...

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A nebulization chamber, designed specifically for radioaerosols, for reducing mean particle size, increasing aerosol concentration, and minimizing dead space. Centrally and vertically disposed is a substantially cylindrical interaction chamber at the lower most portion of which is positioned a membr ...

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There is provided a new and useful deflection method and apparatus for use in directional drilling, the apparatus comprising a housing which is adapted to be disposed about a drill string and to be rotatable relative to the drill string; a deflection member pivotally connected to the housing and mov ...

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A device for collecting and burning particulates in exhaust gases from an internal combustion engine comprises: a casing having an inlet port and a discharge port for exhaust gases; at least one trapper of porous and heat resistant material disposed within the casing; and a plurality of electric hea ...

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A composite material is provided by contacting a clay mineral having laminated aluminum silicate layers with an organic monomer to allow the organic monomer to be adsorbed on or intercalated between the aluminum silicate layers, and contacting the clay mineral with a silane compound having 2 to 4 ch ...

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Compounds satisfying four specific requirements, namely: (1) a log P value in the range of from 2.5 to 6, (2) a molecular structure with at least one carboxyl group, (3) a pKa value for the carboxyl group of not less than 2.5 and (4) absence of halo substitution, and nontoxic salts thereof promote a ...