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Methods and apparatus are disclosed for providing automatic redirection of an incoming voice telephone call from a caller to a subscriber proxy when an attempt by the caller to connect to a telephone link of a public switched telephone network (PSTN) is blocked due to the telephone link being occupi ...

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A hot water extraction process for extracting bitumen from tar sands is taught wherein the tar sand is conditioned using an alkali metal bicarbonate, an alkali metal carbonate and a liquid hydrocarbon. A source of calcium and/or magnesium ions can also be added. The conditioning step replaces the st ...

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A clamp for gripping casing strings is disclosed. A series of radially arranged spring biased slips are mounted in a housing attached to a top drive. A hydraulic system is used to release the slips from the gripping position upon a casing string.

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Method and apparatus for drilling a directional or horizontal wellbore in a hydrocarbon formation using concentric drill string having an inner pipe and an outer pipe defining an annulus there between. A bottomhole assembly comprising a directional drilling means such as an air hammer or a rotary dr ...

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A tubing string assembly is disclosed for fluid treatment of a wellbore. The tubing string can be used for staged wellbore fluid treatment where a selected segment of the wellbore is treated, while other segments are sealed off. The tubing string can also be used where a ported tubing string is requ ...

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A tubing string assembly for fluid treatment of a wellbore includes substantially pressure holding closures spaced along the tubing string, which each close at least one port through the tubing string wall. The closures are openable by a sleeve drivable through the tubing string inner bore.

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A hybrid aircraft is taught having VTOL, R-VTOL and S-STOL capabilities. The aircraft has a lifting body hull and four wing sections arranged in tandem which are pivotally moveable about their neutral axis. Each wing section has mounted thereon a pivotal propeller-rotor assembly for providing thrust ...

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A direct resistance measurement probe for measuring corrosion levels and material loss. The probe includes a hollow body having a resistive element at one end that is exposed to the environment. The probe can have an internal or external power source that is electrically connected to the resistive e ...

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A pipe gripping device is taught which is useful for moving pipe into and/or out of a well. The pipe gripping device includes a first set of slips for holding a pipe in a pipe light condition and a second set of slips for holding a pipe in a pipe heavy condition. The second set of slips are actuatab ...

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A pipe handling device for mounting to use with a top drive and possibly a pipe engaging apparatus, includes a link arm having a first end pivotally connectable to move with the top drive and an outboard end pivotally connectable to a pipe elevator segment, and a drive system to drive the outboard e ...