David L Gardner: Process of preparing microcapsules of lactides or lactide copolymers with glycolides and/or .epsilon.-caprolactones. Batelle Development Corporation, Benjamin Mieliulis, January 20, 1987: US04637905 (112 worldwide citation)

A process for preparing polylactide (PLA) microcapsules is described and involves dissolving PLA in a mixture of two miscible organic liquids, the higher vapor pressure liquid having solvent power for PLA and the second having little or no solvent power for PLA. The solution is prepared such that it ...

Michel Schneider, Pierre Chevreux, Christian Guillot: Composition for binding bioactive substances. Battelle Memorial Institute, Kenneth R Warburton Benjamin Mieliulis Philip M Dunson, May 29, 1984: US04451568 (74 worldwide citation)

An acrylic-acid- based photopolymerizable composition is prepared which is capable of binding bioactive substances after being photopolymerized. The composition may be applied as a coating on a carrier substrate, photopolymerized and a bioactive substance fixed thereto. The composition adheres well ...

Julius M Tesi: Bacterial barrier for indwelling catheters and other medical devices. Battelle Development Corporation, Benjamin Mieliulis, February 11, 1986: US04569673 (74 worldwide citation)

A novel bacterial barrier for medical devices is disclosed comprising a strip or band of oligodynamic metal connected to another conductor generally connected in open circuit to a power cell and producing a strategic circumferential zone of bacterial inhibition when the medical device is installed.

Todd Arlin Schwantes: In situ microencapsulated adhesive. Appleton Papers, Benjamin Mieliulis, July 15, 2003: US06592990 (54 worldwide citation)

A novel adhesive formed in situ in a microcapsule and method for forming such a pressure sensitive or flowable adhesive in situ in a microcapsule is disclosed. The method for forming the novel adhesive comprises providing an aqueous mixture of wall material in water; adding a substantially water ins ...

Gerald C Bartman, Steven L Vervacke, Peggy D Sands: Thermally-responsive record material. Appleton Papers, Benjamin Mieliulis, November 17, 1992: US05164357 (51 worldwide citation)

An improved heat-sensitive recording material is disclosed comprising a substrate, a binder, a chromogenic material, an electron-accepting color developer which reacts with said chromogenic material to form a color, and a color-stabilizing resin. The color stabilizing resin comprises an addition pro ...

Harry A Beale: Cubic boron nitride preparation utilizing a boron and nitrogen bearing gas. Battelle Development Corporation, Benjamin Mieliulis, John L Gray, April 7, 1987: US04655893 (42 worldwide citation)

Cubic boron nitride is deposited on a substrate by an activated reactive evaporation method involving heating a substrate in a vacuum, evaporating metal vapors into a zone between the substrate and the metals source, said source consisting of one or more materials selected from the group consisting ...

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The present invention discloses a novel method of operating a gasifier for production of fuel gas from carbonaceous fuels. The process disclosed enables operating in an entrained mode using inlet gas velocities of less than 7 feet per second, feedstock throughputs exceeding 4000 lbs/ft.sup.2 -hr, an ...

Paul E McCrady, Robert B Reif: Apparatus for spinning textile fibers. Battelle Development Corporation, Benjamin Mieliulis, September 4, 1984: US04468922 (33 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for electrostatic spinning of textile fibers is disclosed. The apparatus includes a twister electrode and a rapid spinning ground electrode, more particularly, a spinning ground electrode having an insulated tip which is tapered and fluted so as to positively drive or rotate the yarn ta ...

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A process is disclosed for producing an abrasion resistant UV curable photopolymerizable composition for coating substrates. The process involves dense grafting and comprises hydrolyzing in an aqueous acidic solution a trialkoxysilane to render it organophillic followed by dispersion with fine silic ...

Richard L Markham, William J Mueller: Optically transparent elastomers. Battelle Development Corporation, Benjamin Mieliulis, July 29, 1986: US04603158 (26 worldwide citation)

A novel optically clear combination which is a composition of matter is disclosed. The disclosed composition is an EPDM vulcanizate of remarkable clarity, the formulation of which involves a synergistic combination of EPDM elastomer, fumed silica, coupling agent, antioxidant, at least one and prefer ...