Lior Rosenberg: Fasteners particularly useful as orthopedic screws. Benjamin J Barish, March 22, 1977: US04013071 (287 worldwide citation)

Fasteners particularly useful as orthopedic screws comprise an external fastening member having a shank formed with a head at one end, external spiral threads extending to the opposite end, an internal bore extending axially through the head of the shank, and a plurality of side slits formed radiall ...

Uzi Eshel, Avigdor Lev: Catheter and probe. Biodan Medical Systems, Benjamin J Barish, March 21, 1989: US04813429 (285 worldwide citation)

A catheter for insertion into a body cavity, comprises a tubular shaft formed with a passageway extending longitudinally therethrough closed at one end and open at the opposite end and a probe removably received within the passageway through its open end. The probe includes a temperature sensor for ...

Joseph Gross: Medication administering device. Elan Medical Technologies, Benjamin J Barish, June 7, 1994: US05318557 (207 worldwide citation)

A medication administering device includes a housing introducible into a body cavity and of a material insoluble in the body cavity fluids, but formed with an opening covered by a material which is soluble in body cavity fluids. A diaphragm divides the interior of the housing into a medication chamb ...

Mordechai Teicher: Credit card system including a central unit and a plurality of local units for conducting low-cost transactions. Mordechai Teicher, Benjamin J Barish, April 27, 1993: US05206488 (205 worldwide citation)

A credit card system comprises a central unit and plurality of local units communicating with the central unit. The central unit includes a central storage device for each subscriber for storing amounts to be charged to the respective subscribers, and each of the local units includes a plurality of ...

Uzi Eshel, Avigdor Lev: Applicator for insertion into a body opening for medical purposes. Biodan Medical Systems, Benjamin J Barish, April 25, 1989: US04823812 (204 worldwide citation)

An applicator for insertion into a body opening for medical treatment or for diagnostic purposes comprises an elongated jacket for insertion into the body opening, a disposable sleeve received on the jacket, and a balloon integrally formed on the disposable sleeve at one side of the jacket. The ball ...

Dan Kedem: Hard tissue biopsy instrument with rotary drive. Du Kedem Technologies, Benjamin J Barish, July 28, 1992: US05133359 (193 worldwide citation)

A hard tissue biopsy instrument includes an outer hollow needle attachable to a housing to project from one end thereof and having a sharpened outer tip; an inner hollow needle attachable to the housing within the outer hollow needle and having a milling outer tip, the inner hollow needle being rota ...

Yoel Ovil, Morris Levy: Surgical implement particularly useful for suturing prosthetic valves. Galil Advanced Technologies, Benjamin J Barish, October 27, 1987: US04702250 (188 worldwide citation)

A surgical instrument to aid in suturing a prosthetic valve into a heart annulus, comprises: a manually grippable handle, a holder carried at one end of the handle for releasably holding a prosthetic valve to be pre-loaded thereon, a first ring fixed to the handle and securing thereto one end of a p ...

Eliyahu Gimmon: Electronic gaming apparatus. Elbit Computers, Benjamin J Barish, March 17, 1992: US05096195 (185 worldwide citation)

Electronic slot machine system comprises a central computer unit, and a plurality of portable game units, each including a credit memory for storing a predetermined credit available for playing, a manual operator manipulatable by the player for playing the game according to a predetermined amount, a ...

Joseph Gross, Shlomo Zucker: Transdermal or interdermal drug delivery devices. Sil Medics, Benjamin J Barish, January 18, 1994: US05279544 (173 worldwide citation)

A transdermal drug delivery device includes a liquid reservoir for a liquid drug to be delivered, and a drug delivery body which includes a plurality of tubular elements extending through the body, each having an inlet end communicating with the liquid reservoir, and an outlet end engageable with th ...

Neta Holland: Electrically-driven brush. Benjamin J Barish, December 10, 1991: US05070567 (162 worldwide citation)

A toothbrush includes a brush head having a first group of bristle holders arranged along a substantially straight line and a second group of bristle holders arranged in a circle, all the bristle holders being rotatable about their respective axes.