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A method for charging a lead-acid storage battery, the method comprising the steps of charging the battery at an initially high rate during an initial stage of the charging cycle, monitoring the internal battery voltage, charging the battery at a lower, finishing rate after a preselected battery vol ...

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Apparatus for automatically stacking battery plates and separators is disclosed. Battery plates and separators elements are alternately and automatically combined on a conveyor belt to form sandwiches wherein a plurality of such sandwiches are later assembled for use in battery cells. Prior to combi ...

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A multitubular once-through boiler which exhibits an excellent heat transfer efficiency and requires a relatively smaller installation area. The multitubular once-through boiler comprises a combustion device, a ring-shaped upper header which functions as a vapor chamber, a ring-shaped lower header w ...

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For a single blade damper, an improved damper operator including a bimetallic element, one end of which is attached to the frame of the damper, and the other end of which is pivotally associated with a bracket connected to the damper blade.

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A composite javelin having superior vibration damping characteristics is provided having a hollow or low density body of generally circular cross-section which tapers from small diameter front and rear tip ends to a large diameter more or less in the center, said tapered diameters and general tip an ...

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A dip method of enveloping a battery plate with a microporous battery separator material. The method involves a first removing air bubbles from the plate by dipping the plate in a liquid, then dipping the plate into a polymer-solvent-filler suspension. After removal from the polymer-solvent-filler s ...

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A method for seaming the ends of a papermaker's fabric during installation on papermaking equipment is disclosed. The method comprising the steps of: providing a base fabric having a batt needled thereto such that one end of the batt extends beyond the corresponding end of the base fabric to overlap ...

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A vent cap for enclosing filler openings of a storage battery comprises a base terminating at a rim including a generally U-shaped channel and a cover, the periphery of which engages the channel of the base. The periphery of the cover is provided with an essentially planar face having a chamfered te ...

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A sloped floor trailer which incorporates drain ports which are opened during trailer loading and which are sealed during trailer transportation, in order to retain the liquid. In addition to the foregoing features, I provide apparatus for heating the trailer side walls with the truck tractor exhaus ...

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Protective eyewear, to be worn while engaging in sporting activities, such as racquetball, squash, etc., includes frame portions each having an upper segment and a lower segment defining a viewing aperture. The upper segment is upwardly inclined from horizontal by a predetermined amount to form an a ...