Carl Anderson, Richard H Craig: Battery grids. General Battery Corporation, Benasutti and Murray, November 26, 1985: US04555459 (22 worldwide citation)

A lightweight battery grid having an array of grid wires arranged to define a plurality of parallelogram of substantially equal size; whereby a battery plate having substantially equal paste pellets may be formed.

Patricia J Waldo: Cushioning bite plate adapter for x-ray film holder. Benasutti and Murray, March 21, 1989: US04815117 (22 worldwide citation)

A cushioning bite plate adapter for use with a dental x-ray film holder comprises an elastically compressible member which has an attachment surface for engaging a surface of a bite plate of the film holder. An adhesive layer is disposed on the attachment surface of the elastically compressible memb ...

Ernest W Coleman: Storm warning method and apparatus. Benasutti and Murray, March 19, 1985: US04506211 (22 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method of detecting, tracking and displaying lightning activity is disclosed. A lightning stroke has associated therewith electric and magnetic field components characterized by maximum rise times and minimum power levels. The field signals comprise a plurality of sub pulses also. A ...

Jonathan M Nelson: Chair frame. Benasutti and Murray, June 23, 1987: US04674795 (22 worldwide citation)

A chair frame for supporting a seat and seat back in a novel manner. The material of the seat, such as fabric or leather, is supported by the frame in partial tension to avoid sagging and to allow independent torsional movement of the seat portions supporting each leg of the chair user. The chair fr ...

Francis J McCabe: Aerodynamic shape with improved lift characteristics. Benasutti and Murray, April 7, 1987: US04655122 (20 worldwide citation)

An improved aerodynamic shape comprises an essentially planar face portion and leading and trailing edges associated with opposing ends of the face portion to develop a cross-sectionally inverted, pan-shaped enclosure. In conjunction with a damper including a frame and one or more blades pivoted for ...


Andrew Tishman: Directionally variable lighting assembly. Benasutti and Murray, November 13, 1984: US04482939 (20 worldwide citation)

An apparatus containing a headlight gimballed for rotation within the enclosure of the apparatus. The headlight is capable of exposure through an opening in the enclosure, and is capable of directional adjustment in accordance with signals produced at a remote location. A cover is provided for selec ...

John W Weber: Heat resistant and protective fabric and yarn for making the same. Benasutti and Murray, June 2, 1987: US04670327 (19 worldwide citation)

A heat resistant fabric is provided, preferably woven, and with an optional aluminized backing, the fabric being made from yarns having a core of flame and high heat resistant silica fibers covered by a layer of aramid fiber, or other heat resisting fibers, with or without blending with other fibers ...

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An apparatus for charging electric storage batteries comprises a host computer for providing charging information to and receiving status information from a plurality of slave computers. The slave computers are coupled to the host computer by means of a fiber optic data link. A plurality of control ...

William J Eberle: Automatic battery stacker. General Battery Corporation, Benasutti and Murray, March 1, 1988: US04728093 (18 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for automatically stacking battery plates and separators is disclosed. Battery plates and separators elements are alternately and automatically combined on a conveyor belt to form sandwiches wherein a plurality of such sandwiches are later assembled for use in battery cells. Prior to combi ...