Guoqing Li, Yueming Lin: Fast terminal box. Renhe Photovoltaic Technology, George G Wang, Bei & Ocean, March 2, 2010: US07672116 (7 worldwide citation)

A fast terminal box includes a casing, a cover, plural wiring sockets, plural metal connection components and a plurality of wiring terminals. The wiring sockets are placed and distributed on a bottom plate of the casing one by one. The metal connection component is provided on the wiring socket for ...

Chun Piu Lau: Commodity shelving system. George G Wang, Bei & Ocean, October 27, 2015: US09167915 (6 worldwide citation)

A commodity shelving system includes pillars, shelves and a fixing mechanism for fixing the shelves to the pillars, wherein the fixing mechanism has a plurality of pillar clamps and locking pieces having an amount corresponding to that of the pillar clamps; and the locking pieces are arranged at cor ...

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An isolating type self-oscillating flyback converter is disclosed, which includes a coupled transformer, a FET, a transistor and an electro-optical coupled isolating feedback unit, wherein the input terminal of the circuit is connected to the source of the FET through a primary winding of the couple ...

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A mark-free fabric strap wire casing. The casing is provided with a cushion B which is composed of erect fine hairs C for relieving the stress generated by the bra wire on skin. With simple structure, the present invention which is used as the casing for the wire used in female underwear can be manu ...

John Lap Man Chan: System and device for determining personality type. George G Wang, Bei & Ocean, May 31, 2011: US07950664 (3 worldwide citation)

A device and method for determining the personality type of a person or a group of persons in the tradition of the Enneagram. The device includes a number of cards and each of the cards has at least a color band, an image and a group of words, which collectively identifies an ego type.

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An apparatus for air purification and disinfection is provided. The apparatus includes at least one elongated reactor having an elongated inner electrode and an elongated outer electrode. The outer electrode encompasses at least a portion of the inner electrode along a longitudinal axis of the react ...

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The present invention relates to the field of design of analog digital hybrid integrated circuit. The object of the invention is to reduce ADC conversion rate thus further reducing power consumption of the sensor while not reducing line frequency of the CMOS-TDI. To this end, a digital domain accumu ...

Yi Wang: Screw-shaped LED. George G Wang, Bei & Ocean, December 17, 2013: US08608366 (2 worldwide citation)

A screw-shaped LED including a high power LED, a metal circuit board, power supply cords, and a screw-shaped housing. The high power LED and the metal circuit board are both mounted inside the screw-shaped housing. Within the housing, the high power LED is fixed on and electrically connected with th ...

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An encapsulation structure for silicon pressure sensor including a case and a stem is proposed. The case and the stem are connected with a cavity therebetween. A sealing pad and a pressure sensitive silicon chip are provided in the said cavity. The sealing pad is placed under the silicon chip and th ...

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Fabric strap having at least two different segments. The first segment is wider and less elastic, providing a comfortable contacting area to the skin and the other segment is narrower and more elastic which is aesthetically more pleasing and easier for applying sewing process in the garment producti ...