Jerome J Schentag, David T D Andrea: Telemetry capsule and process. The State University of New York, Gastrotarget, Bean Kauffman & Spencer, January 18, 1994: US05279607 (451 worldwide citation)

An ingestible capsule and process for delivery, particularly repeatable delivery, of a medicament to the alimentary canal is disclosed wherein an essentially non-digestible capsule contains an electric energy emitting means, a radio signal transmitting means, a medicament storage means and a remote ...

William P Doyle: Business modeling, software engineering and prototyping method and apparatus. Bean Kauffman & Spencer, August 3, 1993: US05233513 (231 worldwide citation)

A microprocessor manipulated program which extracts the data inherent in the cognitive process leading to the spoken or written word and converts that data into business models capable of defining the interrelationship and functions of a business. The program models the business and the data thus ge ...

Fred P Klausner: Footwear lacing system. Bean Kauffman & Spencer, May 21, 1991: US05016327 (63 worldwide citation)

An improved lacing system for footwear which features a novel flat or rectangular cross section lace, an improved eyelet construction having an essentially straight lace bearing edge which ensures threading of the lace in a flatwise or untwisted manner, a parallel slot frictional engagement means fo ...

Paul W Huber: Random orbital sander. Dynabrade, Bean Kauffman & Spencer, August 8, 1989: US04854085 (52 worldwide citation)

An assembly for connecting a sanding pad or the like to a driver having an axis of rotation, wherein the sanding pad is adapted to undergo free rotational movement about a second axis disposed parallel to the axis of rotation, as such sanding pad is caused to orbit about such axis of rotation. The a ...

Hermann Suchenwirth, Roland Fichtel: Process for purifying exhaust gas using modified calcium hydroxide. FTU Technische Entwicklung und Forschung im Umweltschutz, Bean Kauffman & Spencer, April 8, 1997: US05618508 (50 worldwide citation)

An enhanced calcium hydroxide, a process for its manufacture and a process for its use in the removal of volatile heavy metals from a gas is disclosed.

Jerome A Lorenc: Centrifugal pump with flow measurement. Goulds Pumps Incorporated, Bean Kauffman & Spencer, July 14, 1992: US05129264 (39 worldwide citation)

An improved pump casing and process for measuring fluid flow through a centrifugal pump casing is disclosed wherein the static pressure of a fluid being pumped by said pump is measured at a first point in the pump discharge inlet area of the pump adjacent the flow arm of the pump and at a second poi ...

Paul K Beatenbough: Automotive condenser. Blackstone Corporation, Bean Kauffman & Spencer, June 12, 1990: US04932469 (37 worldwide citation)

An improved automotive condenser and method for its production is disclosed, having particular application in cooling utilities wherein resistance to high internal fluid pressures is required. The condenser comprises elongated hollow energy exchange structures extending between header tanks, the hol ...

Richard L Watt: Table lift mechanism. Weber Knapp Company, Bean Kauffman & Spencer, January 1, 1991: US04981085 (36 worldwide citation)

Furniture having a top or the like supported for vertical movement by telescopic leg supports is provided with a counterbalance mechanism for exerting a relative uniform counterbalance force on the top throughout its range of vertical movement, a latch mechanism for releasably latching the top in se ...

Albert Jircitano, Daniel E Dosch: Gravity aided inertial navigation system. Textron, Bean Kauffman & Spencer, August 23, 1994: US05339684 (36 worldwide citation)

An autonomous covert Inertial Navigation System uniquely suited for underwater applications wherein Schuler and siderial errors are bounded without external navigation aids or active instrumentation of ground speed is achieved by integrating a conventional Inertial Navigation System with a gravity g ...

Marc A Capatosto: Ice hockey goalie glove construction. Bean Kauffman & Spencer, April 28, 1992: US05107544 (34 worldwide citation)

A glove construction for use by a hockey goalie includes a padded back structure, a removable close-fitting glove component, and flexible fittings to attach the inner glove to the padded back construction in a firm and secure manner yet retaining the necessary flexibility to perform the athletic ope ...

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