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Disclosed herein are processes for polymerizing ethylene, acyclic olefins, and/or selected cyclic olefins, and optionally selected olefinic esters or carboxylic acids, and other monomers. The polymerizations are catalyzed by selected transition metal compounds, and sometimes other co-catalysts. Sine ...

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Certain nickel [II] complexes of selected orthophosphine substituted arylsulfonamides or selected phosphine containing alkylsulfonamides catalyze the polymerization of ethylene. The polymers produced may be used as lubricants or in waxes. Some of these nickel [II] complexes and the phosphine contain ...

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The present invention relates to aqueous ink jet inks containing a copolymer dispersant comprising at least one polymerized monomer having the general formula:

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Novel polyfunctional maleimides as well as novel compositions based on mono- and polyfunctional maleimides are provided. Also provided are heat resistance resin compositions and curable compositions incorporating the same. The monofunctional maleimide is N-(2,3-dimethylphenyl)maleimide, and the poly ...

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This invention pertains to aqueous inkjet inks containing self-dispersing pigments and effective amounts of one or more multivalent cations, said inks having increased optical density when printed.

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Selected olefins such as ethylene and &agr;-olefins are polymerized by nickel [II] complexes of certain monoanionic ligands. The polyolefins are useful in many applications such as molding resins, film, fibers and others. Also described are many novel nickel compounds and their precursors, ...

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Novel resin compositions are provided which possess excellent heat resistance and thermal color stability, alone, or in admixture with bulk resins. The claimed resin compositions comprise homo- and/or copolymers of N-(2,3-dimethylphenyl) maleimide, alone, or in further combination with resins compos ...

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The binder composition of this invention contains a beta-hydroxy urethane functional material and a polycarboxylic acid. Coated glass fibers are prepared by contacting said fibers with the binder composition of the invention and thereafter curing the composition. This invention is also an improved m ...

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Disclosed is a process comprising contacting chemical 1,3-propanediol with hydrogen in the presence of a hydrogenation catalyst. Preferably, the chemical 1,3-propanediol, before the contacting has an initial color and, after the contacting, has a color that is lower than the initial color.

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A thermochromic effect coating is provided which that it comprises an aqueous binder component including a flop effect pigment and an encapsulated thermochromic liquid crystal pigment. The particular combination in accordance with the present invention results in a coating with altered flop effect f ...