Nosrat E Naftchi: Treatment of mammals suffering from damage to the central nervous system. Barry G Magidoff, May 3, 1988: US04742054 (64 worldwide citation)

A method, and compositions, for treating an animal with an injured spinal cord, causing loss to sensory function and motor control, to regain such function and control. The method comprises the administration of at least 1 .alpha..sub.2 -adrenergic receptor agonist or a serotonergic receptor agonist ...

James M Ewan, Steven M Misiasxek, Donald P Alessi Jr: Electrochemical load management system for transportation applications. Energy Partners, Paul J Sutton, Barry G Magidoff, September 13, 1994: US05346778 (54 worldwide citation)

A load management system for hydrogen-oxygen fuel cells is provided, for powering vehicles. The load management system operates such that under normal load conditions air is provided as the oxidizing agent for the hydrogen fuel. At high output conditions the air supply is enriched with additional ox ...

David B Pall 5 Hickory Hill: Anisometric compressed and bonded multilayer knitted wire mesh composites. Janes & Chapman, John R Janes, Leland L Chapman, Barry G Magidoff, Burton Rodney, Marvin B Rosenberg, September 12, 1972: US3690606 (53 worldwide citation)

Anisometric compressed and bonded knitted wire mesh composites are provided which comprise a plurality of sheets of knitted wire mesh, superimposed at random orientation with respect to each other, compressed or densified to a voids volume within the range from about 10 to about 90 percent, and bond ...

Philip H Ruben: Flexible intra-oral bandage and drug delivery system. Softy Flex, Paul J Sutton, Barry G Magidoff, November 14, 2000: US06146655 (51 worldwide citation)

A flexible intra-oral bandage and kit thereof including an hydrolyzable powder/water-wettable fiber mixture enclosed in a flexible, water-permeable, non-stick envelope. The envelope is immersed in water or medication so that the liquid is absorbed through the envelope to wet the hydrolyzable powder/ ...

John H Perry Jr, Bharat K Bhatt, Jesse Capps, Paul M Eldridge, Leonard Greiner, Robert W Lockyer, Michelle Martin, Raymond R McNeice, Steven M Misiaszek, Stanton S Perry, Thomas F Sullivan, Paul G Campbell: Self-contained renewable energy system. Perry Oceanographics, Paul J Sutton, Barry G Magidoff, Anthony Amaral Jr, October 11, 1988: US04776171 (50 worldwide citation)

An integrated power system is located adjacent a body of saline water. The power system includes a solar powered and a wind driven engine. Desalinization and electrolysis of the water is provided. The system produces carbon dioxide and hydrogen which are used to generate methanol. The methanol can b ...

Richard Speer: Ball projecting device. Barry G Magidoff, June 13, 1978: US04094294 (44 worldwide citation)

A ball projecting device is provided for propelling a ball pneumatically, wherein the speed of the ball projected is, at least in part, determined by utilizing a pneumatically operated, preferably variable, detent in the barrel of the device. The detent holds the ball within the barrel until a prede ...

June Comollo: Combination beach mat and shoulder bag. Cerenique, Barry G Magidoff, April 15, 1980: US04197891 (38 worldwide citation)

There is provided a beach mat comprising a generally rectangular sheet of a flexible material which can be folded into a bag for carrying beach clothes. The rectangular sheet has secured along an obverse face thereof a substantially continuous loop of flexible material sewn along two substantially p ...

James J Jacobi Jr, Alexis Siroc, G Bruce Johnson: Simultaneous display of a coded message together with its translation. North River Consulting, Paul J Sutton, Barry G Magidoff, September 27, 2005: US06950986 (37 worldwide citation)

A system and method for presenting a simultaneous, overlapping display of a coded message and its translation as a single, integrated graphic presentation in any visual medium, that provides quick and full comprehension. It may be used advantageously, for example, to provide an immediate translation ...

John H Perry Jr, Abraham Person, Steven M Misiaszek, Donald P Alessi Jr: Closed loop reactant/product management system for electrochemical galvanic energy devices. Energy Partners, Barry G Magidoff, Paul J Sutton, Anthony Amaral, May 31, 1994: US05316869 (36 worldwide citation)

The present invention teaches a closed loop energy system including means capable of managing both cooling cycle and the fuel/oxidant gas flow in conjunction with a fuel cell. The system includes a plurality of galvanic cells, gas flow conduit means, internal fluid flow conduit means, heat exchanger ...

Denise Ann Offray, Durmus Koch, John Mortensen: Promatrx, Barry G Magidoff, Paul J Sutton, August 13, 2002: US06432138 (36 worldwide citation)

A biocompatable nonbiodegradable breast prosthesis comprises a generally conical shell filled with a resilient mass comprised of a multiplicity of layers of resiliently compressible fabric. The shell fabric provides a pore size in the range of from about 2 to 15 microns, 5 microns being preferred.

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