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A coping saw is provided having two spaced-apart rotary actuators supported by a frame. Two saw-blade sections extend between the two rotary actuators and are intended to singularly engage a work piece. The saw is adapted to contain a drive mechanism which is coupled to a first of the two rotary act ...

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A light weight and compact geophone assembly for detecting transient seismic signals along orthogonal axes. The geophone assembly having a plurality of geophones arranged within close proximity of each other within a compact housing. The geophones are interconnected to a conductor cable passing thro ...

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A golf club wherein the lie angle of the shaft with respect to the head may be adjusted such that the sole, toe and heel of the club may be parallel to the ground and configured for use by both left-handed and right-handed players. The attachment of the golf club head to the shaft also permits adjus ...

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A first sweep signal consists of a plurality of waveforms having non-invariant fundamental periods exhibiting a monotonic frequency progression of at least one octave over the duration of the sweep. Each waveform may consist of an ordered set of asymmetrical pulses distributed within the period of t ...

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The instant invention is a method for accurately estimating the subsurface porosity and porosity-thickness of an interval of interest. A seismic acoustic model is constructed from data collected in a seismic survey. The acoustic model provides information from which predicted porosity values may be ...

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A streamer-cable assembly is provided having a tubular outer jacket enclosing an open-cell foam case providing an axial hole for retaining a plurality of pressure sensors. A plurality of off-axial holes provide passages for the transmission bundle. Longitudinal channels along the exterior receive st ...

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A computationally-economical method for converting a set of areally-distributed seismic traces into a new, clearly-resolved, three-dimensional display of a volume of the earth without use of dip-dependent or azimuth-dependent migration velocities.

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A method for quantitative mineral analysis of core samples obtained from oil and gas wells is disclosed. The method includes the steps of grinding the sample to very small particle size and combining the sample with a carrier material such as KBr to form a pellet. The pellet is observed in a Fourier ...

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A unitary optical-fiber connector assembly accepts a plurality of input channels and, by means of a common transfer lens of the graded-index type, transfers the input-channel data to a corresponding plurality of optical-fiber output channels.

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A method for identifying anomalous noise amplitudes in seismic records by deriving a measured amplitude factor over predetermined periods of time or time windows for a predetermined number of traces comprising the records is disclosed. A noise-free amplitude factor for the same periods of time and n ...