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A body-worn physiological sensor includes a computation-communication module, and a flexible circuit layer configured to be coupled to a skin surface of a subject to measure physiological signals. An adhesive covers at least a portion of the flexible circuit layer and a protective covering protects ...

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A crossbow having an integrated decocking device, including a resistance system having a fluid containing cylinder having a movable piston and located within the static portion of the stock, a shaft extending from the piston and having a terminal end, the piston being movable between a first positio ...

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A camera holding assembly that is configured to hold a plurality of cameras in a predetermined orientation includes a support having a plurality of receptacles. Each of the receptacles include at least one feature enabling a camera to be releasably retained therein as well as at least one and prefer ...

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A post assembly for a coaxial cable connector comprises, in one embodiment, a post configured to be coupled to a conductor of the coaxial cable. The post assembly has a post extender disposed between the post and an interface port, and a spring configured to urge the post extender toward the interfa ...

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A connector is attachable to a coaxial cable. The connector, in one embodiment, has a connector body, a sleeve, a fastener and a seal assembly. At least part of the seal assembly is configured to be removeably coupled to the sleeve.

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A connector comprising a connector body having a first end and a second end, the connector body configured to receive a prepared coaxial cable, the prepared coaxial cable including an outer conductor and a center conductor, a clamp disposed within the connector body, the clamp including an internall ...

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A coaxial cable connector for connection to a terminal includes inner and outer spaced concentric sleeves configured to cooperate in retaining an end of a coaxial cable, at least one of the inner and outer sleeves having a flange at its forward end and a coupling member configured to draw the flange ...

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A port for providing electrical continuity to a coaxial cable connector comprising an outer housing having a first end and a second end, the outer housing configured to terminate a coaxial cable connector at one or both of a first end and a second end, and a biasing member disposed within the outer ...

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Measurement accuracy of a remote visual inspection (RVI) system is tested using a test object including a test feature having a known geometric characteristic. Using a controller, attachment of a detachable measurement optical tip to an RVI probe is detected. A user is then prompted to perform testi ...

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A security device for allowing functional display and charging of handheld electronic devices is disclosed. The security device includes clamps with channels configured to press against and grip the edges of the handheld electronic device. In some embodiments, the security device includes a charging ...