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A sterile body implant is derived from a body structure having as its major protein component collagens in the form of extracellular matrix. The body structure is treated to remove cellular membranes, nucleic acids, lipids and cytoplasmic components. Such structures are implanted internally in the b ...

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Hydrophilic biopolymeric copolyelectrolytes comprising (a) a water-soluble linear anionic protein polyelectrolyte component derived from keratin and (b) a water-soluble linear cationic biopolymer polyelectrolyte component derived from at least one biopolymer selected from the group consisting of col ...

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Specific DNA sequence insertions, deletions and substitutions (i.e., combinations of sequence deletion and insertion) in eukaryotic cell or viral genomes are stably effected through use of selectable DNA sequences comprising a herpesvirus thymidine kinase (tk) gene.

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A biogenic ice nucleation inhibitor, derivable from a source plant which is normally subjected to freezing stress in its natural habitat, is employed for protecting light frost-sensitive plants against frost injury by inhibiting the ice-nucleating activity of the ice-nucleating bacteria normally pre ...

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A chromatographic procedure for the purification of a proteolytic procoagulant enzyme from extracts of human and animal tumors. The extracts are sequentially contacted with a first benzamide affinity chromatographic resin, an agarose filtration gel, a second benzamide affinity chromatographic resin ...

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The invention relates to compounds of formulae (II), (IV), and (VI) as shown below, wherein the several variable groups are as defined in the specification and claims. Processes for making these materials, and methods for using them in the synthesis of compounds for treatment of cardiovascular disor ...

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Disclosed herein is the discovery of a soluble MN/CA IX (s-CA IX) found in body fluids, such as, urine and serum. Soluble CA IX comprises the extracellular domain of CA IX or portions thereof. The predominant s-CA IX species is the extracellular domain comprising a proteoglycan-like (PG) domain and ...

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Compounds of the formula: ##STR1## wherein R.sub.1 is a moiety selected from the group consisting of ##STR2## R.sub.2 -R.sub.22 are amino acid moieties wherein R.sub.2 is an optional moiety which when present is selected from the group consisting of Ser and Gly,

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The invention relates to substituted [(phenylethanoyl)amino]benzamides and methods for their preparation, and their use for the manufacture of medicaments for the treatment and/or prophylaxis of diseases, in particular of inflammatory disorders such as, for example, cutaneous, respiratory tract and ...