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A shoe formed from a shoe blank having first and second surfaces, wherein one end of the shoe blank is twisted with respect to the opposite end and the first surface of each end is connected together in face contacting arrangement so as to provide a shoe with a one-sided continuous surface.

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A video security system for the remote verification and monitoring of conditions surrounding an alarm signal. A security gateway at the monitored premises detects alarm conditions and transmits information and video relating to the alarm condition to personnel at a central monitoring station in subs ...

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Methods and systems for multiple factor authentication combining eye tracking hardware with iris scanning. The resulting multiple factor authentication is a highly secure and highly accurate authentication procedure. Iris scanning provides excellent identification and eye tracking provides the infor ...

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In connection with a sales transaction, an electronic receipt is issued to the buyer that includes hyperlinks. A hyperlink can be associated with post-sale interaction with the product seller, the product manufacturer or parties acting on their behalf that involves the product itself, such as a prod ...

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The invention relates to a thermal management system for a lamp. The system comprises a lamp socket that comprises a socket body. The thermal assembly is in thermal communication with the socket body to form a thermal circuit between the lamp and the thermal assembly for dissipating heat generated b ...

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Systems and methods are provided for selling goods and services in conjunction with the Internet. The system can receive session information on a customer's website session (e.g., goods and services the customer is searching and metadata about such search and the relevant products) and customer info ...

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Electronic Credit Card (ECC) is an electronic device that enables transmission/reception of data and/or digital information to/from a host computer via a Terminal Station (TS). TS includes Teller Machines in supermarkets/shopping complex, Automatic Teller Machines (ATM), EFTPOS devices and proprieta ...

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A distributed intelligence lighting system is comprised of a global controller, one or more local controllers, wall stations, sensors and lighting fixtures. In one aspect, the lighting system provides schedule-based, occupancy-based, and/or daylight-responsive automated control and multi-level or ON ...

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A computer-implemented method and system for determining taxably relevant data is described. Data associated with a transaction is received. Transactions using the method may include purchase orders, invoices, and transactions involving contract labor, or goods previously removed from inventory. A t ...

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A preassembled mechanical pipe coupling for joining pipe elements in end-to-end relationship is disclosed. The coupling is formed from a plurality of interconnectable segments that are initially maintained in spaced apart relation. The segments have arcuate surfaces that project inwardly. Connection ...