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A system for the creation of real-time, behavior-based animated actors. The system provides tools to create actors that respond to users and to each other in real-time, with personalities and moods consistent with the author's goals and intentions. The system includes two subsystems. The first ...

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An arrangement for reproducing audio signals includes a pitch control device for increasing or decreasing the amplification of audio signals in one or more defined frequency ranges and a volume control device for increasing and decreasing the amplification of the audio signals in a full effective fr ...


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A data processor is communicable with a host device via a network. The data processor includes a media connecting unit, a file creating unit, a data transmitting unit, and an operation executing unit. The media connecting unit is capable of connecting a storage medium. The file creating unit creates ...

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Systems and methods for reducing latency on a remotely-booted information handling system are disclosed. A method may include remotely booting an information handling system having a local storage resource. The method may also include establishing, at the start of a session, an encryption key for th ...