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A lighting fixture having a housing with a base and an opposing openable end, and a flange spaced-apart from an edge at the openable end that extends radially from an exterior surface of the housing. A reflector defines a dished cavity and seats on the edge of the housing, thereby defining a recess ...

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A dry joint wall panel attachment system is provided. The system uses interlocking components to attach aluminum (or other) wall panels to an exterior wall. The system is held together non-adhesively.

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A system and method to remove a polluting agent or contaminant, including but not limited to mercury, from the liquid phase of a process system using an adsorbent. In one exemplary embodiment, a magnetic or non-magnetic support with a chemisorbing or physisorbing sorbent is suspended in the liquid p ...

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A method of reciprocally publishing and matching data files is disclosed. The method includes facilitating the creation of Category A and Category B data files having a respective sets of characteristics defined utilizing a common language architecture, associating enhancement objects with each data ...

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A method for performing computer-assisted orthopaedic surgery includes the steps of: (1) producing and displaying three-dimensional geometrical models of first and second bones, the first and second bones forming a joint; (2) identifying a zone of impingement between the first bone and the second bo ...

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A system for dehumidifying and deodorizing, the system comprising a hanging, dehumidifying and deodorizing pouch comprising a housing having a impermeable membrane and a semi-permeable securely attached to the impermeable membrane. The housing enclosing moisture-absorbent material and deodorizing ma ...

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An energy saving air quality control system modulates supply fan speed by use of controlled, variable-frequency drive controls for automatic dampers or suction pressure to maintain adequate air flow across the evaporator coil at partial cooling loads. Demand ventilation in the system balances air qu ...

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The present invention comprises a method that provides fast and reliable results for detecting the presence of a target nucleic acid molecule in a sample.

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The present invention relates generally to a composite plate produced by an alternating stack of (n+1) flexible graphite foils and (n) perforated metal reinforcing foils with spurs (where n≧2). The thicknesses of the flexible graphite foils used are preferably such that any 2 mm slice of thickness o ...

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Target-specific hybrid capture (TSHC) provides a nucleic acid detection method that is not only rapid and sensitive, but is also highly specific and capable of discriminating highly homologous nucleic acid target sequences. The method produces DNA/RNA hybrids which can be detected by a variety of me ...