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The present invention provides for a centralized, preprocessing electronic messaging solution that performs value-added tasks to electronic messages on behalf of the ISP or the end user, before these messages are delivered to the destination email server. The service can detect and detain damaging o ...

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An electronic or “virtual” coupon is obtained when a user selects a given link in a Web page being displayed on a client machine. Preferably, the link is an image link embedded in an advertising banner that is displayed on the Web page such that user click-through on the banner automatically generat ...

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With a purpose of providing a simulation device for fostering a virtual creature where the virtual creature is disciplined, the virtual creature is grown and fostered when a player conducts a corresponding treatment in response to a call or a request from the displayed virtual creature, the simulati ...

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A method and a system for operating a revolving credit program utilizing a table of tiered interest rates in which one of the interest rates is applied as a finance charge to a remaining outstanding balance of an account depending upon the percentage that payments made during a billing cycle compris ...

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The present invention provides an electronic message management system (EMS) that includes a real-time feedback loop where data is collected from the electronic messages on incoming connection attempts, outgoing delivery attempts, and message content analysis, and written to a centralized data matri ...

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A method and system of providing external transaction protection for a database using the database log or journal. The method involves creating a set of transaction templates which define transactions, using the templates to determine whether each record or entry in the journal represent part of a t ...

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Disclosed is a portal computer system and method which provides personalized portal pages on which searches can be entered and search reports can be dynamically reported.

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A portable laser device for obtaining blood samples through the skin of humans or animals. A laser crystal is optically pumped to produce a short high power laser pulse which vaporizes a small hole in the skin. The pulse is shaped to produce a pulse cross section at a sampling location which has a l ...