Lawrence M Flaten: Method and means for telephonically crediting customers with rebates and refunds. J B Laughrey, Baker & Daniels, November 14, 1995: US05467269 (330 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method provides for the crediting of accounts of a user for purchasing a given product. A manufacturer establishes an account with a service bureau who, in turn, sets up an access line such that the user can access the line to obtain a credit on his account. The account is typically ...

Keith L March, David R Hathaway, Robert L Wilensky: Method for delivery of smooth muscle cell inhibitors. Indiana University Foundation, Baker & Daniels, December 15, 1992: US05171217 (280 worldwide citation)

A method and composition for delivering a drug to an affected intramural site for sustained release in conjunction with or following balloon catheter procedures, such as angioplasty. The drug, carried by microparticles of a physiologically-compatible, biodegradable polymer is injected under directed ...

Keith L March, David R Hathaway, Robert L Wilensky: Method and apparatus for intravascular drug delivery. Indiana University Foundation, Baker & Daniels, April 26, 1994: US05306250 (257 worldwide citation)

A drug delivery catheter assembly, including an expandable, porous outer membrane that is insertable into a blood vessel and positioned adjacent a stenotic atherosclerotic lesion on the interior wall of the blood vessel. The membrane is expanded into contact with the lesion, either mechanically or h ...

Gerhard E F Pawelka, Christopher J Stringer, Matthew Marsh, David L Karshmer, Christopher O Lada, Stephen J Schoenberg: Multi-cartridge medication injection device. Eli Lilly and Company, Baker & Daniels, December 17, 1996: US05584815 (253 worldwide citation)

A multi-cartridge dispenser for delivering two liquid medications through a single needle. The dispenser includes independent dual channel metering mechanism, dual channel drive mechanisms, and dual channel lock and pullback mechanisms. The wing must be in its "up" position for metering to take plac ...

Peter Michel: Medication dispensing device. Eli Lilly and Company, Baker & Daniels, January 24, 1995: US05383865 (206 worldwide citation)

A medication dispensing device comprising a cartridge for containing an injectable product therein and an injector attached to the cartridge. The injector includes a drive mechanism comprising a dosage sleeve having a dosage knob at the proximal end thereof and a threaded rod coupled to the sleeve a ...

Louis A Phares: Controlled lighting system. Baker & Daniels, May 30, 1995: US05420482 (198 worldwide citation)

A controlled lighting system comprises a control system which transmits DATA and CLOCK information to a plurality of light modules. The light modules each include at least two light elements and a control unit which is responsive to the DATA and CLOCK information received from the control system to ...

Joseph L Mark, Michael E Miller, Miklos T Kara, Daniel John Henry, Brian McCary: System for controlling a motor driven surgical cutting instrument. Promex, Baker & Daniels, June 12, 2001: US06245084 (182 worldwide citation)

A system is provided for controlling the stopping position of a surgical cutting tool relative to a tissue entrance location of a cannula housing the cutting tool. A signal processor is responsive to a motor activation signal to provide a motor activation signal to a motor control unit for driving a ...

Tomoo Matsuda: Robot system and robot control device. Komatsu, Baker & Daniels, October 20, 1998: US05825981 (175 worldwide citation)

An object of the device according to the present invention is to enable small-volume, high-diversity production to be conducted efficiently, in the same way as in the conventional FMS, whilst at the same time overcoming problems associated with the conventional techniques, such as the complexity of ...

Scott J Steffensmeier, Adam H Sanford: Adjustable cut block. Zimmer Technology, Baker & Daniels, October 16, 2007: US07282054 (173 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a cut block for cutting the femur and tibia during knee replacement surgery.

Erin M Johnson, Joseph Saladino: Modular knee prosthesis. Zimmer Technology, Baker & Daniels, November 20, 2007: US07297164 (159 worldwide citation)

A modular prosthetic knee system used to replace the natural knee. The system includes a femoral knee prosthesis and a tibial knee prosthesis. Both prostheses are formed of modular components that are connectable in-vivo to form the prosthetic knee system. The femoral knee prosthesis includes two se ...

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