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A rotary cone drill bit for forming a borehole having a body with an underside and an upper end portion adapted for connection to a drill string. The drill bit rotates around a central axis of the body. A number of angularly-spaced arms are integrally formed with the body and depend therefrom. Each ...

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A radiometer calibrating system utilizes an adjustable noise source for calibrating a radiometer. The noise source includes a transistor configured as a noise equivalent circuit having a gate port, drain port and source port. A source inductance providing series feedback for the noise source has one ...

Georges Baikoff, Scott Hampton: Corrective element for presbyopia. Baker Boots, January 1, 2004: US20040002756-A1

A corrective element (3) is intended to be implanted in an eye opposite the ciliary body and is shaped to exert on said ciliary body a pressure (F1) directed perpendicular to the optical axis (2) of the eye.

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A method is provided for identifying in a computer system physical memory modules having failing or defective addresses. The transparent error correction function of the computer system is disabled and system memory is tested. If an error is detected, a coded data value that indicative of a single-b ...