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Floor covering, including hard floor panels (1) which, at least at the edges of two opposite sides (2-3, 26-27), are provided with coupling parts (4-5, 28-29), cooperating which each other, substantially in the form of a tongue (9-31) and a groove (10-32), wherein the coupling parts (4-5, 28-29) are ...

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An intervertebral link device including at least one damper element constituted by a cage and a pin designed to be connected to bone anchor elements. The pin being engaged in a housing of the cage and being fitted with two elastically deformable members operating in opposition to an applied traction ...

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A disk prosthesis for cervical vertebrae. The prosthesis includes a spherical cap formed on a first insert, while a spherical cup is formed on a second inset, two inserts made of ceramic material, one of the inserts being mounted on a first plate while the other insert is mounted on a second plate i ...

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A system for intersomatic fusion and setting of vertebrae. The system includes at least one open internal cage arranged for receiving spongy bone or bone substitute and is designed to be interposed between two vertebrae during diskectomy. The cage (

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An electronic mail system and method enables the originator of a message sent by electronic mail to select a date, time, or event at which the message and all incarnations of the message to self-destruct, regardless of the number and types of computers or software systems that may have interacted wi ...

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A method and system allows encryption services can be added to an existing wireless two-way alphanumeric pager network by providing a pager proxy which is arranged to receive an encrypted message from a sending pager and re-packages it for re-transmission to the destination pager. The sending pager ...

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A virtual private network for communicating between a server and clients over an open network uses an applications level encryption and mutual authentication program and at least one shim positioned above either the socket, transport driver interface, or network interface layers of a client computer ...

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An intervertebral fusion device is formed of an elastic block body which is provided in the upper contact surface thereof with a plurality of downward elastic slots substantially parallel to one another, and in the lower contact surface thereof with one or more upward elastic slots substantially par ...

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A shield for the end of a fiber optic connector or fiber optic connector adapter is disclosed. The shield includes a radiation absorbing element which prevents significant amounts of potentially harmful electromagnetic radiation from being discharged through the end of a connector or adapter.

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A spine fixing device includes a main hooked seat, two extension hooks, and two fastening members. The main hooked seat is provided with a main hooked portion, two extension arms, and two fastening rods for fastening two fixation rods of the prior art. The extension hook is provided at one end with ...