Lawrence Crainich: Articulated medical instrument. Bachman & LaPointe P C, August 27, 1996: US05549637 (534 worldwide citation)

A medical instrument includes a handle; an elongate body member having a first end and a second end and at least one joint disposed therebetween dividing the body member into a plurality of segments including a first segment and a second segment, the first segment being connected to the handle and t ...

Lawrence Crainich: Surgical staples. Design Standards Corporation, Bachman & LaPointe, August 26, 1986: US04607638 (472 worldwide citation)

Surgical staples having improved configurations providing significant advantages such as parallel stacking, square bending, easier skin penetration due to sharp point, and others.

Lawrence Crainich: Surgical staples. Bachman & LaPointe, June 29, 1993: US05222975 (447 worldwide citation)

Surgical staples with an improved configuration including a humpbacked configuration providing significant advantages for stacking and staple rotation.

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A medical instrument includes a handle for manipulating the instrument, a tool head, and a tube element for joining the handle and the tool head, the tube element having a first end and a second end, a first coupling for releasably coupling the first end of the tube element and the handle, and a sec ...

Lawrence Crainich: Coupling apparatus for medical instrument. Bachman & LaPointe, April 18, 1995: US05407293 (400 worldwide citation)

A coupling apparatus for a medical instrument includes an insertion member having a protruding portion; a receiving member sized to receive the protruding portion of the insertion member; an engaging structure having a ridge member and a groove member for coupling the insertion member with the recei ...

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A surgical fastening clip of a shape memory alloy which applies a first clamping force to a site when the alloy is in its martensitic condition and a second clamping force to the site when the alloy heats due to surrounding tissue such that the alloy transforms to its austenitic condition. The secon ...

Glenn C Vitale: Joint surface replacement system. Bachman & LaPointe P C, November 4, 1997: US05683466 (282 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to an articular joint replacement system. The system has first and second components. Each component has a tapered head piece for covering the end of a bone and for acting as an articular surface, an integrally formed screw stem having a length sufficient to extend into ...

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An endoscope is disclosed having a separable, disposable shaft where a push-pull mechanism, housed in liquid tight fashion in a control handle unit, is operable to actuate a shaft flexure means within the shaft effective deflect the distal end of the shaft.

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The present invention relates to an interbody spinal stabilization method and an interbody spinal stabilization cage. The cage has a parallelepipedic shape and comprises a central hollow space intended to be filled with bone fragments. The cage also comprises anchoring device(s) having an overall S ...

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A double lumen catheter made up of an elongated integral flexible plastic thin-walled tubular body extending from a proximal end part, through an intermediate part, to a distal end part, terminating in a tip. The intermediate part has an outer wall and an internal septum wall containing juxtaposed a ...