Antonio S deSouza: Flexible electroluminescent film laminate. Dunmore Corporation, B Max Klevit, August 4, 1987: US04684353 (88 worldwide citation)

Electroluminescent elements of high light intensity and long useful life, operating at comparatively low energy input, are obtained by directly bonding to a supported web of thin plastic film without intermediate adhesive a layer of resin containing EL phosphor thoroughly and uniformly dispersed the ...

Mahesh J Dani: Metalized polyester resin laminate. Dunmore Corporation, B Max Klevit, June 23, 1981: US04275099 (31 worldwide citation)

A laminate, particularly useful for application to resin extrusion strips applied as trim molding to sides and doors of automobile bodies, is formed of a surface metalized polyester resin film bonded to a vinyl resin sheeting by an in-situ formed polyester-isocyanate adhesive.

George S Powis Jr: Safety extension lever for wall switch. B Max Klevit, June 12, 1984: US04454401 (16 worldwide citation)

A modified wall plate for a standard toggle switch outlet is equipped with an arm or lever adapted to slide on the plate. The arm or lever is provided with a hollowed protuberance extending outwardly from the front face of the arm and arranged to receive and enclose the actuating finger of a standar ...

John M Sipos, Donald B Daniels: Welding torch. Air Products and Chemicals, Ronald B Sherer, B Max Klevit, January 19, 1971: US3557337 (11 worldwide citation)

A welding torch of the tungsten electrode and inert gas type having a gas hose which is separate from the power cable, each being separately secured to a connector within the handle portion of the torch. Either the gas hose or the power cable is thus individually replaceable to thereby minimize main ...

Mahesh J Dani: Light and heat reflecting surface. Dunmore Corporation, B Max Klevit, October 12, 1982: US04353766 (8 worldwide citation)

A coated plastic film for application to a glass surface in the production of thermally insulating glass pane having light transmitting properties comprising, a release coating on the surface of said plastic film, an acrylic nitrocellulose lacquer applied over said release coating, and a vapor depos ...

Louis Schiffman: Corrosion inhibitive pigment. B Max Klevit, July 17, 1979: US04161409 (7 worldwide citation)

A chromium chromate complex, obtained by partial reduction of chromic acid in aqueous media with an organic reducing agent, is converted to pigment form by evaporating the resulting aqueous composition to dryness and sub-dividing the obtained solid mass to suitable size. The obtained pigment, with o ...

Louis Schiffman: Corrosion inhibitive pigment. B Max Klevit, July 27, 1982: US04341564 (6 worldwide citation)

Corrosion inhibiting pigments are obtained by partial reduction of a hexavalent chromium compound in aqueous solution obtaining a reaction product containing 5 to 95% of the chromium in lower valent state. In the aqueous reaction mixture there is incorporated a water-soluble or water-dispersible pol ...

Louis Schiffman: Zinc chromium chromate pigment. B Max Klevit, January 15, 1980: US04183758 (3 worldwide citation)

Zinc oxide is interacted with an aqueous solution containing a chromium chromate complex obtained through partial reduction of an aqueous solution of chromic acid with an organic reducing agent. The resulting product is dried and the residual solid ground to suitable size for use as a pigment.

Louis Schiffman, Walter Rosenthal: Slurry transport medium. B Max Klevit, June 3, 1980: US04205929 (3 worldwide citation)

This invention provides for an improvement in slurry transport systems, especially coal slurry lines. Instead of the usual use of fresh water resources which, in some geographic areas, are scarce for slurry transport, concentrated brine is used which is prepared from abundant salt water resources. B ...


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