James A Rinner, Michael A Jordan: Selective compression and distraction instrument. Beere Precision Medical Instruments, Arthur J Hansmann, April 22, 2003: US06551316 (101 worldwide citation)

A selective compression and distraction instrument useful in manipulating bone, such as a person's spine during surgery. There are two handle sections and one jaw section. One handle section produces a compression action and the other produces a distraction action. The user determines which act ...

James A Rinner: Kit of medical tools for removing screws. Pilling Weck Incorporated, Arthur J Hansmann, August 31, 2004: US06783004 (98 worldwide citation)

A kit of medical tools for removing screws from a patient in surgical procedures, including both the kit and the method of arranging the kit and its bits and tools. There are two removable trays in a container, one for the bits and one for the tools, and the trays stack upon the other in the contain ...

James A Rinner: Compression and distraction instrument. Beere Precision Medical Instrumnets, Arthur J Hansmann, January 25, 2000: US06017342 (93 worldwide citation)

A compression and distraction instrument having two pivotally connected handles. Jaw portions engage objects, such as human bone, for purposes of maneuvering. A control screw connects with the handles, through a mechanical advantage arrangement, and the screw pivots the jaw portions for the engageme ...

Hua Gao, James A Rinner: Instrument and method for pulling and twisting a tie onto two separated items. Pilling Weck Incorporated, Arthur J Hansmann, June 22, 2004: US06752810 (89 worldwide citation)

An instrument and method for applying a suture of stiff but bendable material, such as wire, to broken bone for closing and holding the break. Also, the instrument and method are for pulling and holding two items together with a tie. The instrument has two parts movable relative to each other for pu ...

James A Rinner: Pliers with jaw spacing and load measuring readings. Pilling Weck Incorporated, Arthur J Hansmann, May 25, 2004: US06739068 (71 worldwide citation)

A pliers with two handles and two jaw portions, all pivoted together. Two readable combinations, each having a scale and a pointer, are on the handles to respectively reveal the amount of pivot and the force applied to a workpiece. A parallel linkage assembly can be attached to the jaw portions for ...

Richard P Hatlen: Turf aerator. Textron, Arthur J Hansmann, May 4, 1993: US05207278 (49 worldwide citation)

An aerator which includes a ground-mobile support and an aerating mechanism pivotally mounted thereon. A rocker arm is mounted on the mechanism for inducing walking action to the tines, and a spring is imposed on the rocker arm for centering or neutralizing the arm when the tines are out of the grou ...

William A Malvasio: Paint cup and brush holder. Arthur J Hansmann, October 31, 2000: US06138963 (46 worldwide citation)

A paint cup and brush holder configured in an uprightly disposed conical shape having a compartment for containing paint and an adjacent compartment for holding a brush. A doctor exists between the two compartments and at a level lower than the upper edge of the entire container for wiping the exces ...

Richard F Beere, Guy L Bradshaw: Screwdriver handle. Beere Precision Medical Instruments, Arthur J Hansmann, September 3, 1996: US05551323 (40 worldwide citation)

A screwdriver handle product and method of making same, where a solid core piece has an elastomer cover molded thereon, and the core piece has grooves for receiving the molten cover to thus have the cover secure on the core piece. The cover is shaped in cross-section to present corners, for enhancin ...

James P Steibel: Stand for fowl roasting. Arthur J Hansmann, May 29, 1984: US04450759 (40 worldwide citation)

A stand for fowl roasting and being arranged with two planar plates of flat material with slots therein for assembling the plates at right angles to each other. The plates have the same general profile, and they are retained in their right angle position by means of angulations or offsets at the end ...

D Michael Lewis, Craig M Schmeiser, Stanton L Sweet: Turf aerator with constantly vertical tines. Textron, Arthur J Hansmann, March 28, 2000: US06041869 (38 worldwide citation)

Turf aerator having a crank and crank arms which present a parallelogram for supporting the aerator assembly, including the aerating tines.