W Colton Hough: Cord holder. Arthur A March, October 31, 1978: US04123012 (76 worldwide citation)

A cord holder for extension cords or the like comprising parallel side walls and interconnecting cross members disposed between the ends of the side walls around which the cord may be wrapped with reinforcing ribs at the junction of the side walls and the cross members; a handle connected to one of ...

Bruce L De Lorenzo, Daniel J McCarthy: Leak detection arrangement for valve having sealing means. Plast O Matic Valves, Arthur A March, March 8, 1977: US04010769 (75 worldwide citation)

A valve includes a plunger which is movable by actuating means such as a solenoid coil, air pressure or other means to move a valve member toward and away from a valve seat. The fluid flow area of the valve is sealed from the actuating means by the diaphragm, O-rings or other forms of sealing struct ...

James W Atack, Howie Triano, Peter Zoretich: Novel trouser-like article of clothing. Arthur A March, July 19, 1977: US04035844 (62 worldwide citation)

A novel trouser-like article of clothing is provided which combines the functions of underwear, socks, garter belts and crotch protector, while providing an attractive, light-weight and durable garment which may be worn under conventional sporting clothing, e.g. hockey pants.

Fred J Frey, Stanley Hynek, Edward Losinski: Chair construction. InterRoyal Corporation, Arthur A March, October 31, 1978: US04123105 (62 worldwide citation)

A chair or similar article of furniture is presented having front and rear non-load bearing contoured shells of relatively thin plastic molded material secured together to form the seat portion and back portion of a chair or the like. A rigid pre-formed matrix of sturdy, rigid load bearing construct ...

Reginald John Emery: Jamming cleat for releasably holding ropes cords, cables and similar elongate articles. Arthur A March, November 2, 1976: US03988810 (38 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a jamming cleat for quickly securing the end of a rope, cable or cord. Such a cleat is disclosed in my U.S. Pat. No. 3,574,900. In that known device one end of a cord is held between the walls of a V-shaped groove and the walls are formed with ridges sloping in such ...

Clayton Bogert: Safety closure for containers. Arthur A March, April 18, 1978: US04084716 (36 worldwide citation)

The invention provides a protective or safety closure which inhibits inadvertent opening of the container. The neck portion of the container itself is provided with threads along which a notched portion, for example, in the form of serrations, is provided. The interior of the cap itself is also prov ...

Roland A Benoit, Edmund P Guillot: Safety side for hospital bed. InterRoyal Corporation, Arthur A March, August 1, 1978: US04103376 (35 worldwide citation)

Raisable safety side apparatus for one or both sides of a hospital bed comprising in each instance a corresponding side frame pivotally connected to lever means, e.g. a pair of spaced apart or parallel levers, adapted to be mounted operatively on a bed to move the side frame from a lower or inoperat ...

Roland A Benoit: Chair construction. Interroyal, Arthur A March, December 15, 1981: US04305617 (34 worldwide citation)

A chair back including a pair of spaced recesses for insertion engagement with corresponding projections on a chair frame, and a self-locking mechanism positioned on and connected to the back remote from the recesses for coacting locking engagement with a corresponding attachment portion on the fram ...

Eugene P Cocozza: Chemical fixation of desulfurization residues. Wehran Engineering Corporation, Arthur A March, September 20, 1977: US04049462 (29 worldwide citation)

Chemical fixation of industrial desulfurization residues by forming an intimate admixture of the desulfurization residue, such as a flue gas desulfurization sludge, with an alkaline calcination stack dust, such as a cement kiln dust, in the presence of sufficient water to provide a mass of workable ...

Jaroslav Adamik: Means for displaying a picture or the like in a shoe. San Shoe Trading, Arthur A March, May 14, 1985: US04516337 (29 worldwide citation)

A shoe having means for displaying a picture or the like comprising a saddle portion having an inner and outer wall, a window in the outer wall, a plastic element secured to the perimeter of the window; a pocket formed by joining the three edges of the window and plastic element to the inner wall wi ...