Scott W Pellow, Ronald W Trischuk, Christopher E Knapp, Ralph Bauer: Sintered alumina-zirconia ceramic bodies. Norton Company, Arthur A Loiselle Jr, October 2, 1990: US04960441 (82 worldwide citation)

Useful ceramic bodies can be made by mixing zirconia powder with seeded alumina gel, drying, and firing at a high enough temperature to convert the alumina in the gel to microcrystalline alpha alumina. Abrasive grits made in this way, with a zirconia content between 15 and 30 weight percent and at l ...

Ralph Bauer: Boehmite produced by a seeded hydyothermal process and ceramic bodies produced therefrom. Norton Company, Arthur A Loiselle Jr, January 10, 1989: US04797139 (80 worldwide citation)

Microcrystalline boehmite suitable for conversion to anhydrous alumina products is produced by hydrothermal treatment of precursor alumina raw material at controlled pH and in the presence of microcrystalline boehmite seed material. Reaction mix may include submicron seed material for seedling for l ...

John Hay, Carole J Markhoff Matheny, Brian E Swanson: Frit bonded abrasive wheel. Norton Company, Arthur A Loiselle Jr, February 6, 1990: US04898597 (73 worldwide citation)

A grinding wheel is disclosed which is made up of sintered aluminous abrasive and a vitrified bond, the vitrified bond being a frit. A large portion of the sintered aluminous abrasive may be replaced by a non-sintered abrasive and the bond may include fillers and/or grinding aids.

Richard A Alliegro, Samuel H Coes: Silicon carbide diffusion furnace components. Norton Company, Arthur A Loiselle Jr, April 20, 1976: US03951587 (66 worldwide citation)

Process tube, paddle, and boat for a semi-conductor diffusion furnace composed of a matrix of high purity sintered silicon carbide which is made impervious to gases by impregnation thereof with silicon metal which is 99.9% pure. The process tube, paddle and boat provide the ultra pure environment ne ...

Malcolm E Washburn: Refractory electrical device. Norton Company, Arthur A Loiselle Jr, September 3, 1991: US05045237 (53 worldwide citation)

The present invention is an electrical device made up of a mixture of silicon carbide and molybdenum disilicide, and may include silicon nitride or aluminum nitride or boron nitride. An electrical device is also disclosed which is particularly suited for use as an igniter in liquid and gas fuel burn ...

Arthur Hauptman: Sealant strip. Norton Company, Arthur A Loiselle Jr, November 2, 1982: US04356676 (48 worldwide citation)

A sealant strip is provided having a soft, resilient synthetic foamed resin core, preferably having a pressure sensitive adhesive coating on at least one of two of the opposed sides of the core and thin preferably silicone rubber sealing layers cured in situ on the two remaining surfaces of the core ...

Ralph Bauer, Rufus M Franklin: Production of beta alumina by seeding and beta alumina produced thereby. Norton Company, Arthur A Loiselle Jr, January 10, 1989: US04797269 (46 worldwide citation)

Seeding of beta type alumina compositions in which the alumina in the raw batch is microcrystalline boehmite results in significant increase in hardness, density and strength, as compared to unseeded beta alumina, when fired under similar conditions.

Dean H Waldenberger: Double sided adhesive tape. Norton Company, Arthur A Loiselle Jr, June 13, 1989: US04839206 (43 worldwide citation)

A double sided adhesive tape with a low surface energy adhesive on at least one side. The low surface energy adhesive has superior properties when the adherend is of the low surface energy type such as low surface energy acrylic paint, polyethylene, polytetrafluoroethylene and the like and the surfa ...

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A novel process for rapid solidification of ceramic melts combines certain features of cooling by atomization and by contact with chilling surfaces. The material to be solidified is divided into fine liquid dropletes that are propelled by a rapid flow of gas toward a rapidly moving chill surface, st ...

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Tough composites of polymer derived silicon carbide fibers in silicon nitride matrices, especially reaction bonded silicon nitride matrices, can be made by precoating the fibers with pyrolytic carbon and controlling the nitridation or other process which forms the silicon nitride matrix so that a th ...