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Undesirable effects, such as heaviness, oiliness and stringiness, accompanying the deposition of lusterizing amounts of polydimethylsiloxane on the hair during shampooing are reduced or overcome without substantially affecting luster by the presence in the shampoo composition of a polymeric hair bod ...

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A system of modular analyzers each adapted for independent operation and each possessing different operational characteristics adapted for particular applications. Such modular analyzers may be joined together with precise indexing means such that a single sample carousel may be accessed by fluid tr ...

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Minimally invasive methods for measuring an analyte, such as glucose, contained in tile interstitial fluid of a body are provided. The methods include the steps of.

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Apparatus for sensing liquid levels in fluid transfer mechanisms and the like comprises a conductive member supporting containers for sample liquids, the conductive member being rotatably mounted for positioning selected containers under a conductive pipette probe. A low-frequency oscillator is capa ...

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An improved reagent combination of the type comprising a first solution comprising an aryl amine and an acid; and a second solution comprising a nitrite compound. The regent combination is characterized in that is further comprises a salt, wherein the salt is present in any preselected distribution ...